Podcast Magazine – A Combination That Makes Perfect Sense

I am always fascinated when seemingly disparate elements come together to form a perfectly logical result. The latest example I have seen is the recent launch of Podcast Magazine. The ... Continue Reading →

You Are Sheltering In Place – Now What?

The edicts have come down from on high, we are ordered to shelter in place. What alternatives do we have? I have gathered a few for your consideration. My buddies in Napa Valley have ... Continue Reading →

Apple Farm – Luxury Accommodations and Rustic Charm in the Central Coast

The Central Coast region of California is a relatively undiscovered gem, especially for those who gravitate to the state’s big brand destinations of San Francisco, Santa Barbara, ... Continue Reading →

FLY Lands at La Jolla Playhouse

This production took me by surprise during its opening evening at La Jolla Playhouse. I am not a choreography guy, but the dancing is as good as I have seen. Captain Hook is excellent. ... Continue Reading →

Deer Valley 2020 – A Clear Vision of Excellence

A corporate acquisition has not dampened the Deer Valley experience. A couple years after KSL Capital Partners, LLC and Henry Crown and Company joined Intrawest Resorts Holdings, Inc., ... Continue Reading →

A Bowie Celebration Keeps The Artist and His Remarkable Commerce Alive

The sense is true that there will never again be anyone who affected such diverse industries as music, Broadway, Wall Street, Silicon Valley or Hollywood. Among David Bowie’s countless ... Continue Reading →

Croatia Adds More Michelin Restaurants

When I was doing the seemingly obligatory post college backpack semi-grand tour of Europe, Croatia was still behind the Iron Curtain and seemingly inaccessible. That wall has long since ... Continue Reading →

Alberto Zeni – “Narcos: Mexico” and Living in LA

There has been some fantastic reading and viewing about the drug wars. The books of Don Winslow are incredibly detailed and compelling. The Netflix “Narcos” series are equally insightful. ... Continue Reading →