Pangkor Laut – Malaysia’s Luxury Island Resort Par Excellence

Pangkor Laut – Malaysia’s Island Luxury Resort Par Excellence It was 16 years ago when we last visited Pangkor Laut. It has always been a long-standing dream to return to this island ... Continue Reading →

Tom Petty Kicks Off His Tour in San Diego

One of the myriad benefits of living in Southern California is the number of artists that launch their tours in San Diego. U2 has done so at least twice over the past couple decades, ... Continue Reading →

Tech Review: Tiny Projector, Big Performance

One of the great things about technology, attributable to Moore’s Law, is that products generally get cheaper, smaller and better. That is certainly evident in the video projector ... Continue Reading →

Humphrey’s Concerts By The Bay 2014

The venerable venue by the water just announced its current season, and the lineup includes some true gems, many familiar favorites and a few new arrivals. Here are some highlights: April ... Continue Reading →

South Beach Miami

Miami’s South Beach is a great melting pot of Art Deco, Cuban spiciness and Gulf Stream aspirations.  The tropical breezes cause the palm trees to sway nonchalantly, the loamy sand ... Continue Reading →

Lucinda Williams: Belly Up

Lucinda Williams is tremendous. She has done duets with everyone from Costello to Croz to Cockburn [with stops along the way with heroic Brits Graham Parker and Ray Davies], but last ... Continue Reading →

“A Survivor’s Guide To Hollywood” from Robin Riker helps navigate your career and life

If you’d like some help navigating your career challenges and maybe even improve your life, there’s a book by actress Robin Riker called “A Survivor’s Guide to Hollywood.” ... Continue Reading →

Angels Night at Century Plaza & Lladro 60th Anniversary

The ultra-modern Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel was transformed into the legendary Cocoanut Grove in the old Ambassador Hotel, when a group of 1920’s Angels gathered to support ... Continue Reading →