Celeb cabaret Les Girls wild about NBCC 2020 deadline for kicking breast cancer

Les Girls 15 cabaret  had Chaz Bono kicking up his heels with chorus girls and boys to kick breast cancer. Along with Chaz’s wild effort (reminiscent of his Dancing With ... Continue Reading →

John Wayne’s Odyssey Ball 2015 spotlights “True Grit” heroes

John Wayne would have been proud of all the heroes that were in the spotlight at the 30th annual John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary’s Odyssey Ball. “We Can All Be Heroes” ... Continue Reading →

Hero Dogs and Actors & Others for Animals put spotlight on our furry four-legged friends

   The third annual Hero Dog Awards presented by the American Humane Association event was taped for a TV special on the family and dog friendly Hallmark Channel. It premieres ... Continue Reading →

The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts opens in Beverly Hills

 Located in the heart of Beverly Hills is the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. The Wallis, as it is affectionately known, just opened its doors with a dedication ceremony ... Continue Reading →

nICE Mug – A Natural Solution to Globally Warming Beverages

Right up front, let me disclose that this is about my brother’s invention. Glenn has been bending my ear for years about how the cold weather in Minneapolis freezes everything ... Continue Reading →

Brad Auerbach’s Best of 2008

Brad Auerbach’s Best of 2008 The usual approach is to list the category and provide the candidate(s).  We’ll flip it around this year by listing the winners first, ... Continue Reading →


  Page 1   Below a pale, hazy sky, along the crowded boulevards bursting with a gathering throng of diversity, LA has a secret.  Contrary to what some may believe, our ... Continue Reading →


KEEP YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY HOT Ah, Valentine’s Day!  A time for giving.  A time for love.  A time for suicides.  There’s no way to ignore it: Fully ... Continue Reading →