M. Damon Receives Cinematheque Awards

Hollywood Beat, April 27, 2010 Matt Damon Receives American Cinematheque Award   Matt Damon Receives American Cinematheque Award Established in 1981, American ... Continue Reading →

“Avatar” sequel and more coming from Cameron

Avatar sequel and more coming from James Cameron More showmanship & high-tech in store for Cameron’s Avatar saga It’s not surprising that James Cameron ... Continue Reading →

“The Eclipse”

The Eclipse Conor McPherson, Tony Award-nominated Irish writer-director and playwright, has given us THE ECLIPSE, a drama with supernatural undercurrents that opened ... Continue Reading →

“Movies for Grownups” Gala

Movies for Grownups Gala Humble Jeff Bridges, ultra-funny Robert De Niro, quiet Billy Crystal, and friendly Sean Penn, at AARP “Grownups” Awards Event It ... Continue Reading →

SUNDANCE 2010 Round-up

SUNDANCE 2010 Round-up There seemed to be more people at Sundance this year, most likely because last year the crowd was thinned due the magnetic pull of Obama’s ... Continue Reading →

Disney’s “A Christmas Carol”

Disney’s A Christmas Carol Dickens’ classic holiday tale has been told countless times, a testament to its durability.  The most recent iteration is from Robert Zemeckis, ... Continue Reading →

Inglorious Basterds and Flame & Citron

Inglorious Basterds and Flame & Citron Nazis. Ally insurgents behind enemy lines. Assassination attempts. Storylines with these elements tend to accelerate the heartbeat ... Continue Reading →

Cloud 9 (Wolke 9)

Cloud 9 (Wolke 9) Music Box Films' Cloud 9 (Wolke 9) is an award-winning German film opening in New York on August 14 and Los Angeles on August 28. Directed by Andreas Dresen ... Continue Reading →