The Wizard of Oz: 3D Reissue

This 1939 classic is a landmark for dozens of reasons. I wanted to see if I could get our next generation to embrace the film, so my wife and I rustled up our daughters  on a weekend ... Continue Reading →

Best of 2012 Palm Springs Short Film Festival

The 18th annual Palm Springs International Short Film Festival and Film Market, the largest festival of its kind in this country, completed its run June 19-25 and this writer’s ... Continue Reading →

“Movies for Grownups” Gala

Movies for Grownups Gala Humble Jeff Bridges, ultra-funny Robert De Niro, quiet Billy Crystal, and friendly Sean Penn, at AARP “Grownups” Awards Event It ... Continue Reading →

“The Ultimate Trip” Returns: 2001 In 2008

“The Ultimate Trip” Returns: 2001 In 2008   Actors Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood at 40th anniversary screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I have a friendly disagreement ... Continue Reading →

Trusted Opinion’s 2007’s Top Movies

Trusted Opinion Leverages Social Recommendations to Reveal 2007’s Top Movies Half a million movie enthusiasts rate top movies of 2007 using Trusted Opinion’s Social Recommendation ... Continue Reading →


PARENTS, CHILDREN EXPECTING TO SEE FAMILY FILM SHOWN HORROR FLICK INSTEAD An audience expecting to watch a family film was stunned to get an glimpse of a horror movie, which left some ... Continue Reading →