Oscar-nominated Bryan Cranston already a winner

Before the Oscars were handed out at the 88th Academy Awards, Bryan Cranston was already a winner. Cranston had his first Academy Award nomination this year for playing the title role ... Continue Reading →

“Hunger Games” showcases Woody Harrelson’s independence

Hunger Games showcases Woody Harrelson’s independence The blockbuster movie The Hunger Games is playing at super-size multiplexes and even the great Laemmle Theatre chain that embraces ... Continue Reading →

Andy Garcia has a little film with big ideas

Andy Garcia has a little film with big ideas Passionate about his latest film City Island, Andy Garcia lives his dream Andy Garcia’s latest film is City Island, ... Continue Reading →

“Avatar” sequel and more coming from Cameron

Avatar sequel and more coming from James Cameron More showmanship & high-tech in store for Cameron’s Avatar saga It’s not surprising that James Cameron ... Continue Reading →

Hellboy II, The Latest Del Toro Masterpeice

Hellboy II, The Latest Del Toro Masterpeice After Hellboy II, Guillermo Del Toro Journey To Middle Earth For The Hobbit Movies Hellboy II: The Golden Army is another visual masterpiece ... Continue Reading →

Errol Morris’s Doc Reframes Abu Ghraib

Errol Morris’s Doc “Reframes” Abu Ghraib Standard Operating Procedure   Standard Operating Procedure Director-Producer Errol Morris I am sitting two ... Continue Reading →

Finding Love in Anti-Romance

Finding Love in Anti-Romance Interview with Eric Byler, director of Tre   “Tre” opened in LA on Feb 1, 2008, Chicago on Feb 8, and San Francisco on Feb 15. Eric ... Continue Reading →


A HOST OF OTHERS AN INTERVIEW WITH BONG JOON-HO Having already subverted the serial killer narrative with his haunting 2003 gem Memories of Murder, Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho has ... Continue Reading →