The Story of Music on Two Islands – Jamaica, Britain, Ska, Reggae and Punk – “Rudeboy: The Story Of Trojan Records”

The film Rudeboy: The Story Of Trojan Records is a tremendous slice into the history of reggae, which means it is a music history lesson of at least two islands: Jamaica and Britain. ... Continue Reading →

escapex: Providing Celebrities an Alternative to the Chains and Growing Problems of Facebook and Instagram

The confluence of mobile communication and influencers has created an industry that has evolved dramatically in recent years. At the recent Digital Entertainment World conference I ... Continue Reading →

Oscar-nominated Bryan Cranston already a winner

Before the Oscars were handed out at the 88th Academy Awards, Bryan Cranston was already a winner. Cranston had his first Academy Award nomination this year for playing the title role ... Continue Reading →

“Hunger Games” showcases Woody Harrelson’s independence

Hunger Games showcases Woody Harrelson’s independence The blockbuster movie The Hunger Games is playing at super-size multiplexes and even the great Laemmle Theatre chain that embraces ... Continue Reading →

Andy Garcia has a little film with big ideas

Andy Garcia has a little film with big ideas Passionate about his latest film City Island, Andy Garcia lives his dream Andy Garcia’s latest film is City Island, ... Continue Reading →

“Avatar” sequel and more coming from Cameron

Avatar sequel and more coming from James Cameron More showmanship & high-tech in store for Cameron’s Avatar saga It’s not surprising that James Cameron ... Continue Reading →

Hellboy II, The Latest Del Toro Masterpeice

Hellboy II, The Latest Del Toro Masterpeice After Hellboy II, Guillermo Del Toro Journey To Middle Earth For The Hobbit Movies Hellboy II: The Golden Army is another visual masterpiece ... Continue Reading →

Errol Morris’s Doc Reframes Abu Ghraib

Errol Morris’s Doc “Reframes” Abu Ghraib Standard Operating Procedure   Standard Operating Procedure Director-Producer Errol Morris I am sitting two ... Continue Reading →