“Avatar” sequel and more coming from Cameron

Avatar sequel and more coming from James Cameron
More showmanship & high-tech in store for Cameron’s Avatar saga


It’s not surprising that James Cameron was named the 2010 Motion Picture Showman of the Year at the annual ICG Publicists Awards.

Avatar became the biggest blockbuster of all time thanks to Cameron being his own best publicity machine heralding his emotional high-tech movie about blue people trying to save their world.

When he accepted his Showmanship honor from the Publicists, Cameron shared the credit with his publicity and marketing teams and praised their global campaign. The achievement was a team effort, and Cameron knows it.

Cameron went around the world with his team, flying from Hollywood to London to Japan to push Avatar. Cameron acknowledged that the Japanese audiences are among the most passionate and he singled them out noting that they have embraced his genre movies since his early days as a filmmaker.

In fact, a project that may be in his future is a movie based on the fictional Japanese book “The Last Train From Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back.”

Prior to the awards, which put the spotlight on hard-working publicists and industry powerhouses, we talked to Cameron at the Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Cameron was more than willing to confirm his intentions for continuing the Avatar saga. “There are still a few things to work out with the studio, but yes, there will be a sequel,” he assures.

Cameron says when he first pitched the idea for Avatar, he told the executives at 20th Century Fox that he was going to put a lot of effort into the production and spend millions of dollars to create a filmmaking process that would change computer-generated (CG) technology.

“So from the beginning I really thought it made sense to think of it as a potential franchise,” he reports. No scripts have been written, but Cameron says he has ideas mapped out, and he’s ready to take the world of Pandora to the next level. Everything will be done under the banner of his Lightstorm Entertainment production company based in Santa Monica, California.

The follow-up productions will continue Cameron’s visionary movie-making, raising the bar in the technology that used. But he is quick to emphasis that the emotion in the storytelling is as important as the visuals.

 “I didn’t just make a special effects movie. Avatar is moralistic, and it is a true love story,” he says.

Appropriately, the Avatar DVD is coming out on Earth Day, April 22,

And although home viewers won’t be able to see it in 3D, Cameron reports that the movie will appear brighter and more vibrant.

What else is coming from Cameron? There are more revolutionary films he wants to do. “Also a number of ocean projects and other environmentally themed documentaries,” says the winner of this year’s Publicists’ Motion Picture Showmanship Award.

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