Maggie Q Stars in “Nikita” Series

Maggie Q Stars in Nikita Series
Nikita goes Rogue and Maggie Q kicks butt in new action-packed CW show


Maggie Q is the stunning, kick-butt star of in the new action-packed series Nikita on the CW network. In the title role, Maggie plays a beautiful and deadly government spy and assassin. She goes rogue when she discovers that she’s not serving her country like she thought. Instead, the shadowy agency that trained her is in the unpleasant business for their own agenda and profit.

Nikita escapes and vows to take down the operation and expose her former bosses. So the thrilling chase is on, as she is hunted by former colleagues who set out to eliminate her by any means necessary.

Maggie is well equipped to play the role of an assassin, because she is drop dead gorgeous. She also has great credits in action films.

She is well acquainted with the action genre having worked opposite Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III, Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard, and Hugh Jackman in Deception.

The Hawaiian-born actress has also endured the rigors of doing stunts in action movies produced by Jackie Chan.

Maggie explained, “When I was living and working in Asia, Jackie Chan at that time was looking for new young people to star in the movies he was producing. So his team of guys trained me in different disciplines. They gave me my introduction and sort of molded me for the action genre.”

From that background she learned that you have to do the action “for real.” She said, “You can’t fake this stuff. You either know it, or you don’t.”

Giving Maggie a lot of support on the show is Shane West (of ER fame) who plays Michael, a fellow spy who has deep feelings for her, yet leads the pursuit. Lyndsy Fonseca (from Desperate Housewives) plays a new agent who is torn between both sides of the operation. Melinda Clarke (The O.C.) and Xander Berkeley (24) are also vital to the cast.


Behind the scenes, the creative team is impressive and includes executive producers McG (Terminator: Salvation), Craig Silverstein (Standoff), and Danny Canon (CSI: Miami).

There are a few scenes that won’t have her doing stunt work. And the very athletic Maggie said that’s fine with her, but sometimes she feels awkward on the days she plays “dress up.” Because for glamorous scenes, someone is always fussing with fixing up her makeup and hair.

“I’m kind of low maintenance. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m used to being sort of sweaty from running and fighting. So when I’m dressed up and people [from wardrobe and makeup] are touching me up and doing that whole thing, I’m less comfortable with that. I’d like to wear less makeup and be tougher.”

But then she admitted that looking glamorous is definitely fun too. “However it should always be about the characters, and the acting, and the story. It’s not really about the blush.”

The Nikita series filming in Toronto has a fast filming schedule that Maggie enjoys. “When I started doing films in Asia, I swear to you filming there was so fast. It was much like the pace of TV. They did entire films sometimes in two weeks. And so now I realize that I’m very used to this pace, and I enjoy focusing and doing the scenes and stunts, and saying, ‘Let’s move on. Let’s do something cool again. Let’s keep it going.’”

Considering the great ratings Nikita got for its CW premiere, the kick-butt La Femme Nikita should keep it going for a long time.

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