Top 10 American Idol hopefuls say…

Who is the next American Idol? you pick the winner!
Top 10 American Idol hopefuls say the contest is up for Grabs and surprising performances are coming


The top ten American Idol: Season 9 finalists have been named: Crystal Bowersox, Didi Benami, Lee DeWyze, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche, Siobhan Magnus, Katie Stevens and Tim Urban. All are thrilled because they are now assured of going on the Idol concert tour. But just about everyone acknowledges it’s anybody’s game at this point.

There is no clear winner seen for Season 9, with an eclectic mix of singers and styles, along with uneven performances week to week. No one seems to be building momentum. So it could be an unexpected dark horse that may cross the finish line with a surprising knock-your-socks-off performance.

Some critics are bemoaning the lack of a frontrunner, but that could be the most exciting aspect of this season. And the buzz swirling around the contestants themselves, saying how much the contest is up for grabs, has everyone prepared to give the performance of his or her life.

Since pop stars Miley Cyrus, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato have been over to the show, there’s talk that the “teen idol” types such as Casey James, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban and 16-year-old Aaron Kelly have the edge.

But America has also embraced the quirkier song-birds, like Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus. Crystal seems to get picked on by the judges, especially Simon Cowell, because she is different and isn’t pretending to please him. He has lashed out at her about her “attitude” and “not wanting to be there.” But he can’t deny her talent.

The other Idol hopeful who doesn’t fit nicely into a mold is Siobhan Magnus, who talked about the experience at a Fox TV party for the show.

“Simon says he doesn’t get me. I don’t know if he ever will, but that’s no news to me. That’s just me. I’ve always been different. I’m me and no one can change it. I stick to my guns,” she says defiantly.

Idol has had some great mentors this season. Usher is set for the upcoming R&B/Soul-themed show. But Siobhan says her dream mentor would be someone from the past. “Some of my favorite singers have passed away, because they were way before my time. Great singers like Billie Holliday and Janis Joplin.”


Stevie Wonder came on as a mentor in a previous season of American Idol, and Siobhan gushes, “He’s incredible. I would just die to meet him.”

She also adds the group Hansen to her list of “to-die-for” encounters. “Hansen is my favorite band. I know I’m obsessed with them. I’ve seen them four times, and cried every time. If I got to meet them, in or outside of the Idol experience, I think my heart would stop.”

Who do you think is your biggest competition in the final ten? Siobhan hesitates to mention that it’s “Big Mike” Michael Lynche. “He’s really outstanding, and they [the judges] told him he was the one to beat, and that’s a little intimidating,” she admits.

Talking about her musical background, Siobhan says, “I was surrounded by music growing up. I was very blessed to have had parents who every day were listening to something completely different. So I’ve had a very well rounded musical experience.”

Siobhan reveals, “My dad was always in with some band and I would go to their practices and see him perform. I saw how happy it made him, and that was one of the biggest things that made me realize that’s what I wanted to do.”

Now it’s up to fans to call and vote. Who is the next American Idol? You pick the winner!

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