The Glee Geeks Poud of Their Gleekiness

The Glee Geeks Poud of Their Gleekiness
The Cast of Fox TV’s Musical Series Chats About Glee


The cast of Glee gleefully showed off their gleekiness during a chat at a Fox network party promoting the phenomenal feel-good show. The talented performers said they are proud to give a voice to all the so-called “misfits” that roam the halls of high schools throughout the world.

Gee, I just thought it was an entertaining show about kids in the choir. “No, it’s much more than that. It’s about finding something that makes you happy. And it’s about being strong when you don’t fit in, and not worrying about what other people think,” Dianna Agron told me. Ironically, Dianna plays the super-popular cheerleader Quinn Fabray who is the polar-opposite of that statement.

“If my character had a theme song, it would be titled ‘All About Me.’ But personally I embrace the theme song of our show, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,” the pretty blonde stated with pride.

Glee’s wonderful fresh faces are now in the spotlight. And yet they have not enjoyed getting the star-treatment, so far, because they have been busy completing the shows for the new season. It’s a hectic schedule for the talented performers who not only have to learn their lines every week, but also all the songs and dances that are featured in the episodes. That has put extra pressure on them, but everyone seems up to the task.

Cory Monteith, who plays Finn Hudson, the star quarterback said, “It was really hard, especially in the beginning, because we were learning how to work with a choreographer and shoot the show and prerecord the music, to learn the dance choreography too. So at the beginning of the show, we were taking weeks to do some of these dance numbers. And near the end of shooting the season, we condensed and were just taking days.”

The hunky fellow explained, “It’s a huge workload along with eight days to shoot an episode. So it’s pretty much every moment that we’re not shooting the show, we’re learning the dance routines, or choreographing the dance routines, or recording the songs. It’s a lot, so it’s great that it’s all good stuff.”

How has life changed since the show caught audiences by surprise and became an instant hit with just one episode at the end of last season?


Glee is seen as the ticket to stardom for the perfectionist character Rachel Berry, as well as Lea Michele, who plays the “gleeky” role to perfection. The dark-hair beauty said, “I think we were just so happy at the response, especially how well the songs did on iTunes and stuff like that. We were really happy, but we just finished last week. So we’ve been in this little Glee bubble of finishing the 13 episodes and working really hard.”

The biggest thrill for Lea has been promoting the show and meeting the fans. “We were just really thankful to get to see the reaction, especially when we went to Comic-Con this summer. That was so great. Then we went on a 10-city tour to meet people who are excited for the show.”

Jenna Ushkowitz, who plays Tina, said, “Coming from a theater background, I feel like we’re doing so much stock theater every single week, where you’re performing the show at night and rehearsing during the day for the next show or episode. So I feel like we’re doing a musical and doing a TV show at the same time. And it’s this whole new experiment which I think is bonding us closer. It’s so new and fresh, it’s making us work harder and learn faster, and appreciate this great opportunity to do it all.”

Some of the stars noted that they can relate to their characters, even Kevin McHale, who plays Artie Abrams, the wheelchair-bound student.

What qualities do they share? Kevin said, “Well, I’m really nerdy, and Artie is obviously very nerdy. I do walk, but I absolutely love playing somebody in a wheelchair. I’ve learned so much from it. I have come to appreciate the simple fact that I can get up after every take.”

He added, “It’s amazing, you know, that I come from a dancing background. So for me being in a wheelchair and watching everybody else dancing is kind of torture. But it’s been awesome.”

Mark Salling, who plays the jock Puck, said, “Can I relate to my character? Well, I suppose so. My character, from the episodes I guess you’ve noticed that he’s kind of a brute but has musical aspirations just like the rest of the glee club. That’s kind of what brings everyone together from different backgrounds. It’s the love of music.”

The athletic guy revealed he didn’t play football in high school, “I wrestled. To be honest, I was kind of more of a hippie in school. I’ve tried to make the character my own and implement aspects of my own personality into him. So hopefully you will be seeing me in some degree.”

The biggest change for all of the castmates? Chris Colfer, who plays Glee’s male soprano Kurt Hummel, said, “Our Facebooks have gone crazy.”

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