Jonas Brothers In ‘Camp Rock’

Jonas Brothers In Camp Rock
Camp Rock: The Next High School Musical Phenomenon Thanks To Joe, Kevin & Nick Jonas



There have been high expectations for the music and dance filled Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock (June 20 debut). And the high-energy show exceeds the gold-standard set by its song-fest teen-idol-making predecessor High School Musical.

It comes as no surprise since Camp Rock stars the super-hot Jonas brothers– Joe, Kevin and Nick. They have legions of young fans who have packed their concerts and downloaded their music. Now all the kids have to do to enjoy their favorite boy band is turn on the TV for a rocking good time.

The shaggy-hair siblings are likable and good musicians so the movie is actually a treat for the entire family, with a pleasant story that showcases their talent.

The plot centers around a talented girl played by songbird Demi Lovato. She’s a poor girl who has to work to attend a prestigious music camp, where she makes friends with a young rocker (Joe Jonas) who is trying to get his act together.

Mean rich girls, problems and new friends keep things interesting for everyone. Then, in the tradition of classic musicals, the kids put on a show and rock the house.

The good folks over at Disney have been creating a buzz for the show for more than half a year. And they made sure everyone got scoop on what the Jonas brothers had to say about doing the new musical.

Nick Jonas says that Camp Rock is “pretty rocking” and “awesome,” noting that he especially liked working with the cast. Sure, his co-stars were his brothers! But also 15-year-old Nick praises 15-year-old Demi Lovato as a great singer.

Joe Jonas,18, and Kevin, 20, love her too, and are helping to write songs for her new album. Plus she’ll be featured on the brothers’ “Burning Up” summer tour.

Nick’s favorite song from Camp Rock is called “Play My Music.” “It’s a really fun song that we sing as a group. I think people will like it because it’s basically just saying, there’s that point in time where you always just kind of want to do your own thing.”

With the great experience they had making the movie, Nick reports that acting is going to be a major part of the Jonas Brothers careers from now on. “Acting is really cool. You know, as a band we love to act as well as sing. And we hope to be the kind of artists that can sing, perform, go on tour, and act as well. We did Hannah Montana, which was really a lot of fun. We did a pilot for our own show, J.O.N.A.S., and we’re really excited about that. And Camp Rock’s been amazing so far. We’re having a lot of fun.”

Have the boys learned anything from their movie-making experience? Nick admits that the slow process of filming– setting up a shot, lighting a scene, re-shooting– nearly drove him crazy, so he had to learn to be “cool and more flexible.” Especially since he says he’s looking forward to doing more movies that will rock the house like Camp Rock.

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