America’s Next Top Model 14 Wannabes

America’s Next Top Model Tyra Banks picks 14 wannabes
Hopefuls head to New York City for wild ride on the way to becoming America’s Next Top Model



Tyra Banks has her own secret for success– “I listen to my mother, who taught me how determination, hard work and vision will get me to the top.” A formula which obviously has succeeded, since the tenth cycle of the America’s Next Top Model is underway on Wednesday nights on the CW network. The hit reality show, is better then it has ever been, with a new stable of drama queens battling it out for the Top Model title.

Creator of the show, Banks has taken the competition back where it all started, New York City, and has added a new supermodel to the panel of judges, stunning Paulina Porizkova. But it’s the chemistry and conflicts that goes on with the 14 finalists that has the makings of one wild ride for the tenth anniversary of the contest.

The 14 hopefuls are:

Aimee, age: 18
Occupation: Hostess; Hometown: Spanaway, Washington

Allison, age: 19
Occupation: Hostess; Hometown: Waunakee, Wisconsin

Amy (a.k.a. “Amis”), age: 20
Occupation: Waitress; Hometown: Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Anya, age: 19
Occupation: Retail Sales; Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Atalya, age: 18
Occupation: Student; Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Claire, age: 24
Occupation: Production Coordinator; Hometown: New York, New York

Dominique, age: 23
Occupation: Receptionist; Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Fatima, age: 22
Occupation: Student; Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Katarzyna, age: 22
Occupation: Finance; Hometown: Roslyn, New York

Kimberly, age: 20
Occupation: Customer Service; Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts

Lauren, age: 22
Occupation: Artist; Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Marvita, age: 23
Occupation: Retail Sales; Hometown: San Francisco, California

Stacy Ann, age: 22
Occupation: Student; Hometown: Miami, Florida

Whitney, age: 20
Occupation: Student; Hometown: Atlantic Beach, Florida


In addition to hosting America’s Next Top Model, Banks is a hands-on producer, hiring directors, balancing the production budgets, choosing locations to make the show stand out. She reveals, “All the photo shoot ideas come from me and my team. Even the music cues are approved by me.” And there are days she spends countless hours in the editing room.

Her work ethic is strong, and she expects the same dedication from the wannabe models. The incredibly successful Banks says she is happy to mentor the girls, because she wants all of them to do their very best. Also guiding them are fashion and modeling experts Jay Manuel and J. Alexander.

Along with Banks, Porizkova and J. Alexander, photographer Nigel Barker is on the panel of judges, who will evaluate the progress of the models and eliminate one each week. Plus guest judges will be appearing during the cycle to add fresh opinions to the critiques.

According to Banks, who doles out great advice on her weekday chat show Tyra, the best advice she ever got about modeling came from her mother, Carolyn, who told her daughter to separate “Tyra, the product, from Tyra, the person.”

Her mother remains Banks’ strongest influence, and a great grounding force. Thanks to her mother, Tyra is a model role model.

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