Head Case And Hollywood Residential On Starz
Celebrities Play Themselves For Laughs On Home Improvement And Relationship Reality Show Spoofs



Jamie Kennedy and Adam Paul

The Starz network had a great party to celebrate their big venture into original programming. Their comedies Head Case and Hollywood Residential were launched with panache at West Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel’s trendy Skybar rooftop lounge. And the stars and creative forces behind both shows grabbed the spotlight.

Jamie Kennedy was there treating Hollywood Residential’s star Adam Paul like his best buddy. “And that’s after he shoved raw hamburger in my electrical sockets,” Kennedy joked. Yeah, it was all in good fun as Kennedy guest-starred as himself on the semi-improvised reality-spoofing home improvement show. It seems the “meat in the outlets” was a bonding experience for the two,

As the creator of Hollywood Residential, Adam Paul notes, “I spent the last year of my life making it happen. I see it as an honest portrayal of my experience in Hollywood for the past 15 years. You have a lot of funny personalities out there. Both big time celebrities and wannabes who just don’t have a clue.” He quickly adds that one special star that does have a clue, his wife, the lovely Rachael Harris (Notes From the Underbelly) who is also on his show.


Cheryl Hines (of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame)

Cheryl Hines (of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame), not only lends her talent on screen, but also serves as a very hands-on executive producer. Hines says the show means a lot to her “because I get to work with my friends and my husband [writer-producer Paul Young], and we all sit around and laugh together. It’s a very positive experience.”

The well-stacked Melissa Bacelar (On Life to Live), is part of the show playing a porn star on Hollywood Residential. “I’m looking to venture further than the hooker and stripper roles, but I guess I’m just built for that,” she smiles seductively.

Among the parade of guest stars who have welcomed the abuse they go through on the fake home makeover show have been Paula Abdul, Carmen Electra, Beverly D’Angelo, and Chris Kattan. Tom Arnold was also happy to put up with all the abuse on the show. “I’m used to it,” he said at the party.

Also using the improvisational formula, Head Case stars the hilarious Alexandra Wentworth as Dr. Elizabeth Goode, a therapist whose approach to mental health is devastating. Celebrity guests play themselves and allow Dr. Goode to “help” them with their relationship issues and other mental problems. Wentworth noted that she had the most fun with Greg Grunberg (Heroes) who wanted to share his bedroom fantasies with her, for big laughs. “Now, he’s my hero.”


Alexandra Wentworth

The other famous faces, who have filmed their emotional guidance sessions with Dr. Goode, include Rosanna Arquette, Jeff Goldblum and Andy Dick. But Wentworth says she’d love to get Britney Spears on her couch. “I certainly couldn’t do her any more harm.”

Among the other celebs at the Starz’ party were William Sanderson (Deadwood), a super-nice guy who volunteered for a Hollywood Residential makeover, Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Tia Carrere (True Lies), and Steve Landesberg (Barney Miller) who adds his legendary dry wit to Head Case.

All enjoyed the buffet spread catered by the Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian. The yummiest treat was the pressed Cuban sandwich, a signature dish at the hot nightspot.

In charge of original programming at Starz, Michael Ruggiero says, “It’s intentional that the network’s first two original series are Hollywood centered, to be an extension of our brand, which is ‘movies, movies, movies.’ So of course our shows have movie stars and celebrities that don’t mind playing themselves and having some fun.” Starz is a premium movie network, and now the provider of original programs that are truly original.

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