“Revenge” shows off the nasty side of the “Beautiful People”

Revenge shows off the nasty side of the “Beautiful People”


Revenge, the deliciously good, guilty-pleasure drama on ABC, has a cast of beautiful people, but none is more stunning than Madeleine Stowe. The leading lady who showed a softer side in the film The Last of the Mohicans, plays the powerful matriarch Victoria Grayson and the Hamptons’ Grand Dame of dark secrets.

It’s a well-layered character whose past includes having an affair with a good man who she wrongly frames as a terrorist. He dies in jail, but Amanda (Emily VanCamp) the daughter of the man seeks revenge on everyone connected with destroying her father’s life, especially the heinous witch who was most responsible.

Stowe is astonished at some of the nasty things her character does, but she loves it. “I think the idea that you are in a place that is sunny and bright [summertime in the Hamptons], and all of these dark undercurrents are going on. It makes for a really interesting story.”

She defends her character and doesn’t believe she plays “pure evil,” and explains, “I think that all villains have light and shadow and weird things about them, and they are conflicted.”

Revenge has found a loyal audience that loves the idea of crushing the rich and powerful, and Stowe is not surprised by that.

“We are in a particular time in history where I think that the average American wants to see the takedown of the rich. I think to observe these over-privileged people who have everything at their fingertips but get pulled down and given a comeuppance, might be some sort of vicarious thrill for people,” she says. “This escapist fantasy is very satisfying.” Yes, indeed!

Locking horns with Stowe is Emily VanCamp, who has previously been seen becoming a fine actress on the series Everwood and Brothers & Sisters. She is the beautiful, young leading lady, Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke, who sets the wheels of reprisal in motion. She targets Victoria’s handsome son, Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman). He is the only vulnerable spot in Grayson’s dark heart, and has fallen in love with Emily– which was all part of her grand plan for revenge.

VanCamp reports that she does believe in revenge, “I guess, if it’s justified, although I’m more into the idea of forgiveness. But it’s a lot of fun to play. I can live all those feelings through the character. It’s really a challenge to tackle something like this.”

One thing that isn’t a challenge for VanCamp is looking great in the glamorous styles she gets to wear as she infiltrates the well-heeled crowd. She beams, “My gorgeous wardrobe is a throw back to the old movie star fashions.”

Stowe is also thrilled about the fabulous styles, couture designs fitting for the Hamptons’ beautiful people.

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