“Pretty Little Liars” actress Lucy Hale behind the scenes

Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale behind the scenes

The sassy star Lucy Hale tells all, almost, about Pretty Little Liars


The lovely young stars of Pretty Little Liars, the mystery-drama series on the ABC Family network gathered for the Disney ABC Summer press day to talk about the second season of the hit show.

The stars Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell are real gal-pals. But on the series they play four estranged friends who are bonded together by the mystery surrounding the disappearance of their friend Alison. All the girls get cryptic text messages from an anonymous person known as “A.” And the thrilling whodunit continues.

It was difficult to get any of the actresses to reveal where the riveting plot is going, but Lucy Hale gave us a sense of what was happening on the set and behind the scenes.

This season the story picks up where it left off in the finale. And Lucy, who plays Aria, said, “We’re trying to track down Ian’s body, and we don’t know if he’s really dead. If he is ‘A.’ Did he kill Alison? If he’s not, who is ‘A’? Did ‘A’ kill Ian?”

As far as Aria’s storyline, Lucy said she’s still seeing with her teacher Mr. Fitz. “But he’s no longer a teacher at the school. He’s teaching at a college now. And so they can legally date in Pennsylvania. They actually went and figured out that it is legal in Pennsylvania, I guess she’s 16, 17, to date an older man.”

Lucy herself reported that she’s dated both older guys and age appropriate fellows, because she likes options and doesn’t like to discriminate.

“There’s a love triangle coming,” Lucy gushed. There’s someone else that catches Aria’s eye, who is more age appropriate. Her new love interest is very interesting she said, “Because it makes her realize how much she really is risking by being with Ezra. The two guys are completely different. Like couldn’t be more opposite. So I don’t know at this point of filming which guy she’s going to choose. I don’t know. Noel is not in the love triangle but he is involved in the second season.”

Another storyline has her dealing with her brother. “What we’re filming now is Aria’s little brother is rebelling a lot, in a major way, and that’s another thing to add to the whole mixture of her crazy life.”

The show has changed Lucy’s personal life, but not dramatically. “It’s mainly a lot of scheduling changes. We’re working every day of the week. We have the weekends off. My personal life hasn’t really changed. I get recognized here and there, but I don’t get chased around by the paparazzi or anything. It’s just busier I’m just a lot busier. And get to go to fun events and wear dresses that I would never get to wear,” she’s happy to report.

Lucy doesn’t mind her busy schedule because she loves acting. And she hates it when performers complain about their job. “Look at the opportunities we get to experience. Things I don’t think we’d get to go through. I just enjoy being artistic. I love singing. I love cooking. I like to paint. I’m not good at it, but I like to do it.”

“It’s just a way of expressing myself, and I feel you really learn a lot about who you are. Because with the work you do you find you connect with some things and not with others. You’re always learning, and always growing, and you’re always taking one step forward. You’re always going to become a better actress. I get to work with great people. And it’s really cool to be surrounded by people who are really passionate, because it’s really inspiring.”

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