Nick Cannon on “America’s Got Talent”

Nick Cannon on America’s Got Talent

New dad Nick Cannon busy doing America’s Got Talent & much more

On the personal side, Nick Cannon and wife/music superstar Mariah Carey have been enjoying wedded bliss. And they became the proud parents of daughter Monroe and son Moroccan, on their third wedding anniversary, April 30, 2011. Just looking after the twins would be considered a full time job, but Nick’s career is also keeping him very busy.


Cannon is the popular host of NBC’s hit America’s Got Talent, which he calls “the greatest summer job I’ve ever had in my life. I feel like the youth culture has been infused into the show. You can just watch that these young people are really excited about the opportunity to be on the show.”

The hit talent contest, airing Tuesday and Wednesday nights, is a feel-good show. And Cannon says, “When you think about the time and the way society is, and the climate of the world, I’m happy to be a part of something that’s all about fun and high energy. Just the idea of reaching and accomplishing your dream– there’s nothing else like that on television. Everything else takes themselves way too seriously. This is a show where you can just forget about the rest of the world.”

America’s Got Talent gives all types of performers of all ages a chance to showcase their talents. The variety show has discovered some true stars during its run, with the help of its judges. For its sixth season now underway, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel are doing the judging trying to find the best of the best from the parade of exciting and oddball talent. But arguably the heart of the show is its host Nick Cannon.

Cannon offers the contestants encouragement, and sympathetic hugs when the performances fail to please the judges. The empathy he has creates some genuine moments.

When someone is rejected, Cannon has a knack for softening the blow when the judges get nasty. He explains, “I try to give words of encouragement to people when they come off stage, especially if they are rejected, because I realize for a lot of the people this is their big dream. When they’ve been told ‘No,’ your confidence is destroyed.”

Having played comedy clubs, Cannon knows rejection. So he says he understands that “it’s important to turn off the comedian side of me and go into the mode of a caregiver. I try to let them know that I’m like them, and I’ve also been told ‘No.” But you have to be a self-motivator. You have to know that this experience is only going to make you stronger.”


As a comedian, musician, TV and film star, as well as an executive producer of his own hit productions, 30-years-old Cannon has had a wealth of experiences. The San Diego native started performing at the age of eight, and went to Hollywood when he was 15, playing gigs at The Improv, Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store.

A big break came when he started doing the warm-ups for the Nickelodeon show All That. The producers recognized his talent and made him a regular on the show, as well as the youngest staff writer at age 17.

Then he created, directed and produced The Nick Cannon Show, which earned his first Kids Choice Award. MTV’s top-rated improv comedy Wild N Out was another show he created, produced and hosted. He’s a favorite with kids and adults who have discovered him in movies such as Men in Black II, Underclassmen, Shall We Dance, Bobby, and Drumline.

He has TV shows and film in development, for his own multi-media company called NCredible Entertainment. In addition, he serves as the chairman of TeenNick for the Nickelodeon Network, and hosts the top-rated morning radio show in New York City.

How does he do it all? Cannon just says he’s a high-energy person. And the thing he enjoys most about America’s Got Talent “is the energy” from the hopefuls on the show.

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