Tom Selleck in “Blue Bloods” Moves to Wednesdays on CBS


Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods Moves to Wednesdays on CBS

Blue Bloods A Family Drama Within A Cop Show Says Tom Selleck


Tom Selleck says he’s having a great time doing the CBS police drama Blue Bloods, because it’s an ensemble show “and I don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting carrying the show.” Although he plays the patriarch of a family of cops, Selleck is happy to share the spotlight with his costars Donnie Wahlberg and Will Estes, who play his two sons on the police force, and Bridget Moynahan, who plays his daughter, the assistant D.A.

The great Len Cariou plays Selleck’s old-school father who is the former police chief. And Selleck plays Chief Frank Reagan, the current New York City Police Commissioner.

The drama about a multi-generational family of cops has been receiving critical raves, so CBS is showing its support for Blue Bloods by moving it to Wednesday nights in hopes of boosting ratings.

Selleck says he is very comfortable with his Blue Bloods character, although it is different from his other roles. “What I’m trying to show is where he came from, and he’s as blue collar as the rest of the family. He’s probably learned to be a little more diplomatic, but he has a temper, and I think we’ll probably see it a little more.”

“The show is really a family drama, within a police show. It’s unique, with the emphasis on the characters. My role as the police commissioner brings about a lot of conflict, since the character has a daughter in the District Attorney’s office, and two sons on the police force.”

“From the command standpoint, there’s the awareness of the perception he’s either being too hard on them, or they are getting special treatment. This is really an ensemble show, and I’m still finding out a lot about my character.”

As for filming in New York, rather than elsewhere, Selleck says, “New York really couldn’t be duplicated elsewhere. For instance, I’ve shot in Toronto, and it’s a lovely place to shoot. But shooting in New York is different.” The cast relocated to New York “because we love the show.”

Until Blue Bloods becomes as popular as Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck will always be best known for his role as the private eye Thomas Magnum. That show used the old Hawaii 5-0 sets and many locations, and made Hawaii a tourist destination.

For his role as Magnum, Selleck won numerous awards, such as an Emmy for “Best Actor in a Drama,” and a similar Golden Globe statuette. And, he’s proud of his five People’s Choice Awards and six Golden Globe nominations.

While most of his fans know Tom Selleck because of Magnum, the actor has had a lengthy career in show business. A star athlete in college, he started doing commercials, including being the Marlboro Man, using that money for his college bills.

He is also proud to have a Best Actor Emmy nomination for his title role in the Jesse Stone TV movies. “Although Jesse is a small town police chief, I don’t see any connection with the Blue Bloods chief, because they are different. It’s my job to make these two characters different, and I hope audiences will enjoy both.”

Selleck says he’ll continue playing Jesse Stone in the TV movie franchise for CBS. He’s looking forward to developing, writing, producing and starring in more. “What it [Jesse Stone] has become on CBS is kind of a two-hour event, since the network gave up making their two-hour Movies of the Week. I hope people keep watching Jesse, because I love playing that guy enough to make sure I could do him if I took the Blue Bloods role.”

The six-foot-four actor, who turns 66 on January 29, says he has a strong work ethic, “and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to play both.”

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