“Vampire Diaries” hottie Ian Somerhalder

Vampire Diaries Hottie Ian Somerhalder
The Vampire Diaries Trio of Hot Blooded Stars Has One Badass in The Bunch & He’s Loving It.


The three main characters have made The Vampire Diaries into must-see-TV. Thanks to the chemistry oozing from the trio of hot blooded stars, the adaptation of the bestselling books is destine to have a long run on the CW network with Nina Dobrev playing the hauntingly beautiful Elena, Paul Wesley playing the conflicted vampire Stefan, and Ian Somerhalder playing the badass bloodsucker.

How much fun is it to play a badass? Ian Somerhalder didn’t even hesitate when he responded enthusiastically, “More fun than I could ever possibly imagine. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had in the entire run of my career. And it just continues to be more and more fun every day.”

Somerhalder credits his costars with turning each day on the set into a party. And since the threesome have nothing to do when they’re filming on location in the small town of Covington, Georgia, outside of the Atlanta area, they hang out together a lot. “We’re not sick of each other yet,” he reveals.

Is Somerhalder anything like his badass character Damon, the trouble-making vampire who is piling up a bunch of drained bodies in the quiet town of Mystic Falls?

“Well, to preface it, which is always probably generally a good idea, I am not a maniacal killer,” Ian says while trying to generate a cold-blooded glare without breaking into laughter. “But I find some similarities and things I have in common with Damon. The reality of it is that I think Damon is just a very lonely guy.”

He sympathizes with his character more than anyone would expect, and says, “We all know what it’s like to feel lonely. And there are two relationships that he wants back, his brother and his girl. And I know what it’s like to fight with my brother. And I know what it’s like not to have my girl.”

“So I think there are a lot of common denominators between me and him. And I appreciate where he’s coming from, and I try not to judge him, even thought sometimes that’s a bit difficult due to his actions.”

To sum it all up, Somerhalder says, “Strangely enough, I think he’s doing all of this for love. And it’s just completely justified in his mind. And that makes this role such a great experience, and such a fun thing to do.”

Exploring the small drops of goodness that may be flowing through Damon’s blood would be an interesting turn of events in the story for Somerhalder. “I think there’s as much room for good in Damon as there is evil in Stefan. We all have it inside of us. It’s like, you look really nice now, but I bet if I pissed you off you wouldn’t be so nice.”

Regarding the fan mail he’s been getting, Somerhalder says he finds time to read them and loves the “really positive, adorable letters.” Some fans ask him a lot of questions. “Some are really insightful and really heartfelt. These girls, young teens are so into the love aspect of the show that they have so many questions about love. They’re very inquisitive about it.”

Somerhalder answers the mail to make sure they don’t confuse him with Damon, who should not be seen as anybody’s role model. “I really hope they don’t look up to my character. He’s just fun to play.”

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