Lost Returns Jan. 31 On ABC

The Lost Cast Talks About How Life Has Changed



Lost, ABC’s phenomenal mind-boggling adventure series returns to the primetime schedule, Thursday, January 31. Although the producers promise they will answer some questions, you can bet they will also leave viewers with brand new puzzle pieces to ponder.

The last time I personally saw the cast of Lost was last year as they were in Pasadena, on hiatus from their Hawaiian location filming. It felt like I was in the middle of the Dharma Project, which is at the center of the show’s mysteries. Jack (Matthew Fox) and Kate (Evangeline Lilly), plus Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) were taking a stroll around the Ritz-Carlton Hotel before an ABC promotional event. Hurley (Jorge Garcia) was going out for a drive with friends. The Korean couple, Jin and Sun (Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim), were also there making new friends. And everybody’s favorite bad boy Sawyer (Josh Holloway) was relaxing poolside, soaking up the sun.

It was as if the survivors of Oceanic Air flight 815 had been rescued and their lives were back to normal. Not a chance!

Jorge Garcia explained that their lives haven’t been “normal” since the series debuted. “I still haven’t gotten comfortable with the attention, but I appreciate that the fans care about my character,” Garcia said. He added that one of the most difficult aspects about being part of the production is keeping up with all the different storylines involving different cast members on the island. “Sometimes it feels like there are two different shows going on, or more, as the storylines take strange turns.”

Yunjin Kim has arguably been the most surprising character to emerge from all the plot twists. And she admitted that she loves the way the show has personally changed her life.

“It seems it changed overnight. Wow! I have a recognizable face walking down the street,” Kim beamed. “I worked out in Korea for about four or five years before coming out to do Lost. I was very lucky, getting great roles and great movies (in Korea). I became a recognizable face there, but this is different. This is world wide. Lost is being shown in more than 200 countries.”

Besides “instant” fame, what she loves most about the show is that “it asks all the questions that we ask as human beings– the humanities, why are we here? Who are we? There’s got to be a reason. And I feel like there are deeper issues, such as creating a society with a bunch of strangers, something that not too many TV series deal with. Then there’s the specter of the monster…the polar bear…the jungle. It has everything to make us think.”


Daniel Dae Kim added, “All of us on the show are really proud of being part of something so special.”

Although Josh Holloway is excellent playing the cool con man, whose sinister dark side has been explored in intriguing flashbacks, he is very different from his Sawyer character in real life.

“Okay, I’m supposed to be a bit of a cad, but that’s not me, believe me,” Holloway insisted. “Sometimes I wake up and stare at my wife and think of how lucky I am. But that’s not the kind of stuff that people write about.”

Josh is really a nice guy who grew up in Georgia, then headed to Los Angeles to give acting a try. He appeared in some TV roles and independent films, but admitted, “There were many times I’d think about getting my real estate license and giving up the acting business.”

Now he’s thrilled to be living in Hawaii with his wife, and his boat. “My big thing now is spending time on my boat, heading out until I can’t see land anymore.”

He claims to be a pretty good sailor, so he’s not afraid of getting lost. Besides, being an integral part of the hit TV show, he’s sure someone would send out a search part to find him if he did really get lost.


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