Two and a Half Men’s Charlie Sheen

passing on the party animal baton


Roars of laughter were coming from Stage 26 at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank when the cast of Two and a Half Men got together with television critics after the Emmy nominations were announced.

Everyone was in good spirits because the hit sitcom just received seven Emmy nominations as they head into their fifth season on CBS. Funny guys Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer have a shot at taking home an Emmy in the comedy category, along with the acerbic supporting actresses Holland Taylor and Conchata Ferrell. Rounding out the other cast members on hand were the ever-maturing Angus T. Jones (the “Half” in the show’s title), and the wonderful Marin Hinkle who plays his mom and the thorn-in-his-side ex-wife of Cryer’s character.

Co-creators and executive producers Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn also took pride in announcing that over the past four years, the show has racked up 23 Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006 and this year.

But even with all the acclaim of the fine work that is done to make the outrageous comedy series a ratings and critical success story, it is Charlie Sheen’s party-animal image that usually takes center stage when the cast gets together to chat with members of the press.

No matter how much time seems to pass, Sheen’s bad-boy persona is still an area that folks love to explore. But to Sheen’s credit, he just grins and goes with the flow, as he did when asked what he thought about being the butt of jokes by late night comedians.

“There’s several people recently, at least in the last year that have snatched that torch from me,” Sheen said. That quote rocked the soundstage with belly laughs. “I just stay home and let it happen, basically. But I feel for them.”

He added some good advice for Hollywood’s current brat-pack– such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Charlie noted, “It’s not that complicated to hire a car, or just to carry some extra cab fare at some point.” More laughter ensued, as Sheen just shrugged.

He explained that he’s not too offended by jokes about himself, but “it’s sort of double-edged because you are honored that you made the opening monologue as somebody that matters. If the joke [about me] is really smart, it softens the blow. But when it’s a cheap shot and a bad joke, you know. I’m with my kids, with my fiancée. I don’t lead that life anymore, so they have to back off. It’s Jon’s turn,” he kidded about to his co-star.

With his good humor intact, Sheen went on to talk about the plans to celebrate the 100th episode of Two and a Half Men this season. There’s a tribute planned at the Television Museum, and his “stalker-neighbor” Rose will be back on the show.

What else is in store for fans of the show? Jake has a big transition to deal with in junior high. Along with several interesting relationships for the “two and a half men,” Janeane Garofalo is coming on to play a paramour for Jon. “It’s going to be one of his bad choices,” Chuck Lorre promised.

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