‘The Great Thirst’ docu on California’s water crisis

 Earth Day celebrations continue California style with the documentary special ‘THE GREAT THIRST: WILLIAM MULHOLLAND.’ It is the first installment of a complex history of California through the lens of its relationship with water, presented by PBS SoCal and KCET, Southern California’s flagship PBS stations. Also available on the national satellite network Link TV. The timely special, directed by Matthew Justus, with Jeff Berg as the executive producer, has its world premier on Sunday, April 24 at 8 p.m.

 The ‘Water Wars’ were percolating long before climate change and global warming became reasons for water conservation. And the show is filled with the late 1800s and early 1900s history of California and its unquenchable thirst for water, which brought about the growth of modern Los Angeles. The story is inspired by the book of the same name by author and professor Norris Hundley Jr., The Great Thirst: William Mulholland.

 The documentary highlights Mulholland’s vision to forge one of engineering’s greatest achievements of the 20th century, the building of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. He also bears responsible for one of the biggest disasters with the collapse of the St. Francis Dam. Upcoming on PBS is AMERICAN EXPERIENCE  “Flood in the Desert” about the Dam’s collapse. So there’s a stream of water themed documentaries for Earth Month from PBS.

Willam Mulholland

 Also to celebrate environmental efforts, PBS SoCal and KCET, along with Link TV, present a new season of Link TV’s acclaimed original series EARTH FOCUS in partnership with the Thomson Reuters Foundation. In addition, the annual EARTH FOCUS ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL, the only festival of its kind in Los Angeles, will return virtually for a fourth year from April 24-29. The returning festival, from presenting sponsor Edison International, features film screenings and Q&A discussions addressing climate change realities with the goal of confronting global issues that impact all living creatures and natural resources.

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