Harry Connick Jr. enjoying his dream job

Harry Connick Jr. (photo by Margie Barron)

Harry Connick Jr. (photo by Margie Barron)

Harry Connick Jr. described his syndicated talk show Harry as “a party for y’all,” but he also said it’s a “dream job” for him.

The launch of Harry on September 12, 2016, had modest ratings for the only new first-run strip launching nationally this fall. But the NBCUniversal production proved that it will grow with a strong likability factor with women in the 25-54 demographic, and its ratings have been better than previous daytime shows. But the genre isn’t easy—just ask Meredith Viera and Katie Couric who gave that market their best shot before getting the ax.

Sandra Bullock was Harry’s first guest, talking about their kids and stuff. It was a lovely little reunion for the costars of the movie Hope Floats. Also, Debra Messing came on to chat with her Will & Grace romantic interest, and it put the spotlight on the easy-breezy atmosphere that Harry’s fans can expect.

Connick has always been a great guest on all the talk shows over the course of his career, so he knows how the game is played. But there’s more responsibility when it’s his job to make the encounters engaging and interesting. The first week of shows suggests he is up to the task.

Connick said Harry won’t just be about asking celebrities questions about their latest movies or TV shows. “I want to make it a party and try to fill an hour with fun, music and laughter. My goal is to make it one heck of a good time!”

Why did he want to do it? He explained, “Well, I love to entertain. And I’ve done so many different things throughout my career that have fulfilled me so much, from being on tour, making records, being on sitcoms, being on Broadway. I felt that this would be an opportunity for me to do all of the things that I really love to do sort of under one roof. I get to play music. I get to entertain. I get to meet incredible people, both celebrities and everyday folks who are absolutely amazing.”

The former American Idol judge added, “I also get to experience the entertainment business in a new way. I’ve always liked to try to do new things. People asked me the same thing when I signed up to do Will & Grace. What made you want to do that, or what made you want to write for Broadway? What made you want to star on Broadway? And this is just another line of things that I’m obsessed with entertainment. I love performing.”

Out of everything he’s done, Harry said the talk show seems to be the most in line with who he is. “I’m not playing a character. I get to go out and work with immensely talented people and meet incredibly talented people and share it with the people that I play for when I go out across the country on tour. That just seems like a dream job to me.”

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