Best Bet for Car Rentals in Maui: Maui Budget Cars

The Honolulu Star Advertiser recently reported that Maui’s airport averages a staggering 2200 car rentals per day. With that inertia, the hot tip is to bypass the mammoth car rental complex and reserve from Maui Budget Cars.

Sergey and the team corresponded with me before our trip, easily nailing down the details.

We called as our jet touched down and met his colleague Brendan at an appointed bench in the parking lot a short walk from the luggage carousel. There we handled the paperwork and we were off.
We never saw the lines of folks presumably queuing for one of the brand name car rental operators.
The Hyundai Elantra was only a couple years old, with relatively low mileage and was perfect for traversing the island.
Brendan told us we were authorized to circumnavigate Maui, but we decided to eschew the road to Hana on this trip.
Instead we gave our older daughter almost free rein to leverage her social media prowess, directing us to a handful of delightful spots. Dubbed “Our Own Rand McNally,” she found several great snorkeling spots.
Beaucoup tortugas!
We saw our fair share of turtles; the ancient and mesmerizing amphibians never fail to enthrall.
Our younger daughter was bent on testing her surfing prowess in the warm shark free waters, and we were able to easily strap the boards to the Hyundai’s roof.

When Dad cinched down the boards after our session, we were off to the next stop.

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reported that on any given day, 30% of the people on Maui are visitors. With Maui’s airport renting more cars than any other airport in the state, you will want a hack to cut through both the cost and hassle of the big guys.

The hot tip is Maui Budget Cars.

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