Kidd Pivot Frankurt RM: “Lost Action”

Lost Action

Kidd Pivot Frankurt RM


Presented by UCLA Live, UCLA’s Royce Hall welcomed Kunstlerhaus Mounsonturm Frankfurt’s resident dance company for a stunning event recently. the night was ‘fuelled by the outstanding abilities of world-class performers, Lost Action begins as an analysis of the articulated and amazing body and unfolds to reveal the human element at the centre of the work: the ephemeral body moved by the potent heart.’

The night was rife with dreamlike intensity and beauty. The dancers/(actors) onstage moved, melted, eased around and about and with each other in the most sinuous, angelic ways. The show was choreographed and orchestrated by Crystal Pite, with an expert eye and heart for the serious realms of movement, the way we humans can show emotion with one tender limb hanging tremulously, a shoulder thrown carelessly, an eye closed, shoulders shrugged. Nothing was accidental, everything was rehearsed…yet it all flowed organically and seemed capable of falling apart at any second.


And so it went. the audience were tripping right along with the performers, were a part of some secret society for the night, a night we wished would never end and, in many ways, hasn’t. I would highly recommend keeping tabs on this revolutionary company.

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