Magnum P.I. hands Jay Hernandez the keys to the Ferrari

 Magnum P.I. is back with Jay Hernandez as private detective Thomas Magnum in Hawaii driving a red hot Ferrari around the tropical paradise. The CBS show is a reboot of the popular ... Continue Reading →

Empowered women, guns & other social issues on TV dramas foster intelligent debate

Social issues providing storylines for TV dramas are nothing new. More than 50 years ago, Star Trek tackled society’s problems by addressing them through its futuristic lens–and ... Continue Reading →

CBS’ new Odd Couple a hit with Garry Marshall

  Garry Marshall is keeping an eye on one of his favorite old shows. He’s an executive consultant on CBS’ sitcom reboot of the Neil Simon classic The Odd Couple. Marshall, ... Continue Reading →

Halle Berry has CBS sci-fi series Extant working with Steven Spielberg

  Halle Berry is beautiful, and she’s also a great actress who has earned the respect of mega-filmmaker Steven Spielberg. The stunning Oscar-winning actress has starred ... Continue Reading →

Stephen King has cup of joe “Under the Dome” on CBS

  Master of suspense and horror, author Stephen King wanted a coffee refill in the diner scene towards the end of Under the Dome’s opener. Well he can use that cup of ... Continue Reading →

Ted Danson Getting Cheers for CSI Role

Ted Danson Getting Cheers for CSI Role It’s a long way from being bartender Sam Malone on the long-running Cheers sitcom to the chief investigative officer on the procedural drama ... Continue Reading →

High-tech NCIS and NCIS: LA offer old fashion storytelling

High-tech NCIS and NCIS: LA offer old fashion storytelling Investigative procedurals tap into new technology Among the most popular dramas on TV are NCIS and its spin-off NCIS: Los ... Continue Reading →