AMERICAN IDOL’s new TOP 10 has great talent with Disney magic

When ABC brought back “American Idol” after Fox TV let it go, it was inevitable that some Disney magic would be sprinkled on the talent show, and on 2019’s TOP 10 contestants: Madison ... Continue Reading →

“Whiskey Cavalier,” ABC’s spy vs. spy romp starring Scott Foley & Lauren Cohan

 The best part about Whiskey Cavalier, the new action-adventure series on ABC, is seeing the return of a well done spy-versus-spy romp sprinkled with comedy and wonderful worldwide ... Continue Reading →

Tim Allen still standing with “Last Man Standing” on Fox

 “Last Man Standing” is a great family sitcom starring Tim Allen. And now it is back for its seventh season on Friday nights after being picked up by FOX. ABC cancled it a year ... Continue Reading →

“Station 19” ABC’s firehouse drama catching fire with Jason George

The premiere of Station 19 was packed with a fire-storm of high drama and lots of action. The highly anticipated Grey’s Anatomy spin-off series was first introduced in a Grey’s ... Continue Reading →

Style tips: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Let’s talk accessories! There are so many essentials that the trendsetters embrace. One only needed to observe the jet-setting crowd gathered to attend Gilt City’s launch ... Continue Reading →

“Pretty Little Liars” is back with more lying, spying and style

Here’s what we know: things are off to a great start for season three of Pretty Little Liars on the ABC Family channel. Everybody has a story and in the sleepy (and often creepy) ... Continue Reading →

For Eva Longoria “Desperate Housewives” ends and “Ready For Love” begins

After eight seasons on ABC’s Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria is the force behind a new relationship show coming this Fall. Eva is now producing a show called Ready For Love for ... Continue Reading →

Beverly Hills Film Festival & Mother’s Day Luncheon for ABCs

Hollywood Beat Beverly Hills Film Festival & Mother’s Day Luncheon for ABCs Sonia Nassery Cole received the Golden Palm Award for producing and directing The Black Tulip — ... Continue Reading →