Share “Let’s Dance” & Upcoming Kingdom of Concern

One of my favorite charities, SHARE, held their 64th annual Boomtown Gala at the Beverly Hilton and raised over $650,000! The theme this year was “Let’s Dance’ as the event honored dance philanthropist Glorya Kaufman with their Shining Spirit Award. And dance the Ladies of Share did — including talented members, Beverly Bergman, Samantha Faulkner, and Esther Rosenfeld to name a few. Even the lovely President herself, Ellen Feder danced her feet off to help raise funds for developmentally disabled abused & neglected children.

SHARE Ladies – Gia Bay, Joy Jolise & September Sarno with Lena Jolton (Photo Credit: Michael Underwood)

Our hard working pal, September Sarno, who is one of the largest fundraisers for SHARE, told me she was named First Vice President in charge of Boomtown 2018.  If this event is as successful as the Bachelor’s Auction she created, it should be a blast.

Chairman of the Board of SHARE, Joan Kardashian, President Ellen Feder & Member of the Year, Anita Mann Kohl (Photo Credit: Michael Underwood)

The SRO crowd of Cowgirls & their mates enjoyed a mélange of musical numbers, included “Dancin Thru the Decades” — featuring a medley of tunes from the past six decades. We particularly loved “I Got You Babe” featuring statuesque Gina Bay as Cher, and petite Wendy Hammers as Sonny. Cooley Jaxson featured in their production from the 90’s, “Beat It” as Michael Jackson, was outstanding. Kudos go to choreographer, Anita Mann Kohl, who was selected as Member of the year. She got those ladies dancing for joy! To top it all off — we were delighted to see The 5th Dimension, featuring Florence LaRue who performed a medley of their revered hits. Truly an evening to remember!

Kelly Stone & Bruce Singer – Honorees at Concern Foundation (Photo Credit: Ed Solorzano)

Speaking of memorable events, you are invited to attend Concern Foundation’s 43rd Annual Block Party, Saturday, July 8th at Paramount Studios Back Lot. The theme is “Kingdom of Concern” — An Evening of Feasting, Revelry and Dance. The food & entertainment is expected to attract 4,000 guests, and funds raised focus on methods to research and treat cancer.

Eden Alpert – honoree at Concern Foundation (Photo Credit: Ed Solorzano)

Honorees include Kelly Stone & her husband Bruce Singer, who founded Planet Hope, with Kelly’s sister, Sharon Stone. For 16 years, Planet Hope has provided programs including a summer camp, food & warmth resources & medical & dental care for underprivileged children. Also honored is Eden Alpert, who has been an active participant in Concern, and represents a new generation of humanitarians dedicated to help others in need.

SHARE Members performing Land of 1000 Dances (Photo Credit: Ed Solorzano)

For further info about 2017 Block Party (that offers the best eats in town) please visit their website. Hope to see you there!

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