WEEKLY SPORTS WRAP-UP – Jan 11th, 2007

WEEKLY SPORTS WRAP-UP – Jan 11th, 2007

 As I watch the BCS title game, the battery in my laptop has reached the 45minute mark.  What can I do?  Can sports be summed up and analyzed in less than an hour?  Fuck yeah!  This is sports, not a Holocaust Revisionist Meeting!

In the NFL, the unexpected has happened in the wildcard matches; all the home teams won.  As we all know, sports isn’t really interesting without all the juicy side stories that accompany the games (unless you actually like the games, then you don’t give a damn about these soap operas. Damn the media).  In one of the more anticipated games of the weekend, the New England Patriots hosted the surprising New York Jets in their third matchup of the year.  Coach Bill Belichick of New England has been accused of being extremely cold to his old assistant coach, Eric Mangini, who took the Jets job this past offseason.  Story is, in their first matchup, Belichick barely acknowledged his former friend and assistant, and Mangini’s Jets beat the Patriots in their second meeting.  How was this going to play out? 

Well, the Patriots won, 37-16.  The Jets didn’t back down, keeping it close through most of the game, but Asante Samuel’s interception returned for a touchdown sealed the deal late in the fourth quarter.  After the game, the most anticipated meeting of two men on grass since Brokeback Mountain, featured some great media play.  Belichick, the bitchiest coach in the NFL, grabbed a cameraman and dragged him along to midfield, hugged Mangini with great vigor and insincerity, then pushed off two other cameramen on his way back to the locker room.  If only Mel Gibson was this good with the media. 

In Seattle, the Seahawks hosted the traveling circus known as the Dallas Cowboys in a matchup of two floundering teams.  Guess who won?  Remember, it was in Seattle…

The big stories coming in were the promise of Terrell Owens to show up in the playoffs and justify that ridiculous contract owner Jerry Jones gave to TO.  He had two catches for 26 yards.  HA HA!  I’m going to go on a limb and say that he doesn’t come back to Dallas next year, after leading the league in dropped passes (sure he led the NFL in touchdowns, but let’s not focus on that), and especially if coach Bill Parcells comes back to the Cowboys, who didn’t really want TO anyway.

However, the game was really lost when, attempting a late field goal that would win the game, Cowboys quarterback and everyone’s favorite rising star, including Carrie Underwood,  Tony Romo, fumbled the snap on the 5 yard line and tried to run it in, only to be caught from behind after Martin “I ain’t a midget” Gramatica refused to block for his quarterback.  Again, HA HA!

What made this even sweeter was the Philadelphia Eagles beating the New York Giants to advance to the next round.  The team that TO nearly destroyed with his constant bitching and TO-isms gets to continue to play, while TO gets to watch them on TV.  Even better, the Eagles are being led by their backup, Jeff Garcia, who was once called “gay” by TO when they played together in San Francisco (I’m not making this up).  Now, Garcia can turn to TO and say, “who’s gay now?”