ALFREDO RIPSTEIN – Jan. 20, 2007



Award-winning Mexican producer Alfredo Ripstein died of respiratory failure at age 90.

Mr. Ripstein began his lengthy career as a production manager in the late 1930’s.  He turned to producing during the 1940’s.  Mr. Ripstein continued to produce films until 2005. 

His 2002 film The Crime of Father Amaro was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar and Golden Globe.  The movie won Mexico’s Golden Ariel as Best Film. 

His 1995 El Callejon de los Milagros also won the Golden Ariel as Best Picture.  Salma Hayek starred.  Mr. Ripstein’s film The Beginning and the End won the Golden Ariel as Best Picture. 

This last film the producer made was a family affair, as Mr. Ripstein’s son Arturo Ripstein was the director.  Mr. Ripstein was honored with the Salvador Toscano Medal at the 2004 Ariel’s in recognition of his lifetime contribution to the Mexican film industry. 

Mr. Ripstein’s many credits include: Swamp of the Lost Souls, Mysteries From Beyond the Grave, The Living Coffin, Rio Hondo, Crown of Tears, and Rosario.