COVID-19 and The Company who Cares!

DMK International, founded by Danne Montague-King over fifty years ago has not only kept its entire work staff employed, but expanded its operations by creating an all purpose COVID-19 spray that has already helped thousands of people globally. He gave away 1000 bottles to front line workers and doctors!

In addition, Danne Montague-King produced videos, translated into several languages that showed how skin professionals could diagnose their clients over Face Time, Portal and Zoom in a professional manner, then ship them the appropriate home precsriptives to relieve them of the many skin anomalies brought on by the uncertainties of this time.

D’Andre Michaels prepping Angela Basset with DMK Cosmetics for the 71st Annual Emmy Awards [2019] (Photo credit: D’Andre Michaels)

Celebrities such as Hollywood Royalty Julie Newmar, talk show icon Megan McCain and actress Angela Basset were happy to have this expertise during the down time in the entertainment and media where production teams were not available to shoot in normal production sites – many of whom had to film from home.

During his world lecture tours over the years Danne has met and worked with top figures in not only show business, but in politics and Royalty, never seeming to recognize he himself was a celebrity in the world of aesthetics. His first book, The Maybelline Prince detailed a seemingly magical life on his quest to research and implement what it really took to keep oneself at maximum performance and appearance for a lifetime.

Danne Montague-King (Photo credit: Danne Montague-King)

Testimony to his methodology and loyalty of his practitioners, DMK Ukraine celebrated it 20th year anniversary at the US Embassy in Kiev at the USA Embassy hosted by former Ambassador Bill Taylor. Civil rights Icon Stuart Milk (nephew of Harvey Milk) and former Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell flew in to commemorate the event.

DMK international is a global sponsor of the Harvey Milk Foundation. “Every human being on this planet has the right to be who they are, any place, any time” states Danne, “even in countries where human rights are not observed.”

As to Black Lives Matter, Danne’s research into Black skin protocols extend back to Chicago in the 80’s where many Black Sports stars and civil leaders where clients at his downtown clinic. He carried his research to South Africa during these years working with black Dermatologists and skin therapists.

Danne & Marci at Thalians event (Photo credit: Danne Montague-King)

He received a commendation for this work at parliament House in Capetown from then Zulu Prince and Minister Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

Thirty years later he received another commendation from the Prince stating “it is heartening to see a person keep their word by a campaign that addresses both the physiological and psychological aspects of a people whose skin tones have been abused by a standard of beauty that is demeaning and totally against how we are all created with our own beautiful attributes!”

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