Spago Goes Royal & The Queen of Mystery Novels


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Spago Goes Royal & The Queen of Mystery Novels

The legendary Spago Restaurant in Beverly Hills prepared a Royal Luncheon in Honor of Prince William and Kate’s arrival in Los Angeles.  Along with prima ballerina, Dame Nayda Koscuik of the Masterpiece Dance Theater, renowned realtor, Rachel Shabti, and TV Reporter, Tamara Henry, we were invited to sample the Royal Menu with co-owner Barbara Lazaroff, and Chef Tetsu.  Some of the delicious  items on the menu (many of which were served at the recent Royal Wedding) included Sweet English Pea Soup, “Toad in Hole”, with summer truffle, and Devon Crab Cakes.

We were photographed in our handsome hats, and interviewed by news outlets worldwide, including Channel 7, 11, 13 and Fox News.  A tasty intro to the whirlwind tour of the Royal Couple.

We were thrilled to spend some time with the Queen of Mystery Writers, Mary Higgins Clark, who is the author of over 40 best selling books, at a Literary Soiree  at the home of Producer, Bruce Cohn Curtis. Bruce, who is a scion of the legendary Cohn Dynasty (his great uncle was Harry Cohn) has produced numerous films based on Mary’s novels, including The Cradle Will Fall, Try to Remember & A Crime of Passion…

Bruce hosted a Birthday Bash for her, and invited a slew of famed authors, including Rochelle Majeer Krich, who wrote 14 mystery books ,including Where’s Mommy Now”, which he turned into a movie (Perfect Alibi) starring Hector Elizando and Teri Garr.

Carol Higgins Clark, Mary’s beautiful daughter, is also a best selling author, and she was thrilled with the reception her latest tome, Mobbed has received.  Like her Mother, Carol is very prolific; this is her 10th mystery novel!

Other celebs in attendance include popular actress Estelle Getty (Mrs. Potatohead in Toy Story, and series regular on Seinfeld); and France Nuyen, star of the original South Pacific film.

One of Bruce’s most intriguing films was Dreamscape with Dennis Quaid; and he is currently in negotiations for a sequel.  Quaid and Kate Capshaw (Steven Spielberg’s mate) would return if they liked the concept.

With the great success of Inception, dreams are definitely back in vogue.  Best of luck to our producer pal, Bruce!

Barbara Lazaroff (co-owner, Spago) greeting English Royalty

“Hat Ladies” sampling English Breakfast at Spago

Best selling author, Mary Higgins Clark, daughter Carol & Producer Bruce Cohn Curtis (Dreamscape) at Birthday Soiree

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