Courage in Journalism, John Wayne & Inner City Arts


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Courage in Journalism, John Wayne & Inner City Arts

Maria Shriver, who served as First Lady of California, is also an award winning journalist and best selling author, She is an avid supporter of the International Women’s Media Foundation, who presented their Courage in Journalism Awards to investigative reporters and correspondents who have shown extreme Courage in Journalism.  Among the winners this year were reporters from Tanzania, Tibet and Columbia.

Academy Award winning actress Annette Bening (who is might be a winner again this year) presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Alma Gullermoprieto, whose articles have illuminated Latin America for her readers. She has covered Argentina’s dirty war, rebels in Peru and the Mexican drug wars.

Another outstanding woman, actress Marilu Henner was also honored at the John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary.  Patrick Wayne (John Wayne’s actor son) presented the award to Henner, who is an actress, author, producer/director, dancer/singer, Health “guru”, and most important wife and mother.  The five time Golden Globe nominee has starred in over 30 films, written eight books on health &fitness, and spoken before Congress on healthy guidelines for children, and women’s cardiovascular diseases.

Did you see the 60 Minutes show about her superior autobiographical memory?  She can actually recall every day of her life in vivid detail.

And you thought she was just another pretty face?

The best news announced at the luncheon was that over the past 27 years, the Auxiliary has raised over $17 million for research at the John Wayne

Cancer Institute at Saint John’s Medical Center.   The Duke himself would be very proud.

And last, but not least, the entire cast of Everybody Loves Raymond was on hand to honor “Mom” Doris Roberts at their Image Gala, to benefit Inner-City Arts. This program provides a vibrant arts instruction campus for at-risk children in the heart of skid row, and give kids an opportunity to learn skills, and give new hope to over 150,000 impoverished students.

Roberts believes strongly in changing the lives of children from living in despair.  Brava to Roberts and Janet Lamkin, President of Bank of America California, another philanthropic lady on the Hollywood Beat.

Annette Benning with journalist from Tanzania

Cast of Everybody Loves Raymond with “Mom” Doris Roberts

First Lady Maria Shriver with Courage in Journalism Winners

Marilu Henner with Patrick Wayne

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