J. LaLanne Celebrates 95 Years of Fitness!

Jack LaLanne Celebrates 95 Years of Fitness!
The legendary Jack LaLanne gets surprise from friend Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger


At a celebration for his 95th birthday, the “Godfather of Fitness” Jack LaLanne looked like the poster boy for health and vitality. He claimed to have done 95 push ups earlier that day. No one would dare doubt it.

“I still work out every day. That’s what you have to do to live life to the fullest. That’s what I do,” insisted the legendary LaLanne in a strong voice. “I can’t afford to die, it would ruin my image.”

The life-affirming party was held at the ultra elegant Beverly Wilshire Hotel. And along with his birthday, Jack and his wife Elaine were also celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They delighted hundreds of friends and family who gathered in the posh ballroom when they both took the stage after dinner.

A huge cake (with just two candles) was presented, and they sang love songs to each other! “If you were the only girl in the world,” warbled Jack, showing off his romantic side. There was a great big band playing toe-tapping music too.

The biggest surprise of the night came when California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared and paid tribute to LaLanne. “He is a great human being who was nice to me before anyone knew my name,” Schwarzenegger said. The muscleman-turn-actor-turn-politician went on to talk about how LaLanne inspired him, not just in the area of bodybuilding, but in building character and goals in life.


Among the famous faces in the crowd were bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) and talk-show host Montel Williams, who have also been inspired by the amazing LaLanne.

Because of LaLanne’s desire to help others, the special occasion was used to benefit the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. The makers of Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer, TriStar Products formed a partnership with the OCNA.

The CEO of TriStar Products, Keith Mirchandani unveiled the new Power Juicer Express, and announced that portion of the sales will be donated to the OCNA, in support of their crusade for early detection tests and an ultimate cure.

Mirchandani is dedicated to the cause in tribute to his mother who died of the disease. He said, “During this wonderful celebration tonight, as we reflect on Jack’s lifelong dedication to helping millions of people get and stay fit, we are also helping the fight to beat ovarian cancer.” Cheers were heard from the many cancer survivors in the audience and their supporters.


Born September 26, 1914, Jack LaLanne became America’s fitness, exercise and nutritional expert generations before talk about health and fitness became a national obsession.

LaLanne said he was proud to have introduced his ultra famous “Juicer” that “keeps the human body healthy and feeling great, while aging gracefully all at the same time.”

During a video tribute to him at the birthday celebration, it was noted that LaLanne gained worldwide renown for his success as a bodybuilder, as well as remarkable feats of strengths. In his 95 years, he has achieved more than most can imagine in their wildest dreams, including a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

On the commemorative plaque that Gov. Schwarzenegger personally presented to LaLanne, it said, “To the oldest 30-year-old on Earth. Happy Birthday, Jack! You are a fantastic gift to all of us, from the millions you’ve inspired to your closest friends and family. We can’t wait to see how you’ll pump us up for the next 95 years.”

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