Hollywood Beat, Oct 5, 2009


Hollywood Beat, OCT 5, 2009
bow wow wow in hollywood, mary pickford – the muse of the movies


Bow Wow Wow in Hollywood

Priscilla Presley has accomplished much in her life as an actress, producer and business woman, but one of her most valuable contributions is her work as an animal activist.  She is a lifelong animal lover, with a particular passion for horses.  In Graceland, she has established a safe haven for neglected horses that would otherwise be slaughtered.  It was fitting that she was honored for her work with Animal Rescue at the Third Annual Bow Wow Wow event at The Lot in Hollywood.

Among the other animal friendly celebs in attendance were  Jerry O’Connell and Tori Spelling, who has always loved animals.  In fact, when she was a child, she wanted to be veterinarian.  Tori presented the Golden Heart Award to super agent, Jacob Fenton.

Gorgeous Denise Richards, who, like Tori, stars in her own reality show, It’s Complicated , confesses that her family includes 17 pets.  This menagerie includes 3 cats, 11 doggies, and even two piggies – Charlotte and Bert.

Everyone was there to support the Much Love Animal Rescue Fundraiser, which brought in over $125,000.  This charity finds homes for dogs and cats about to be destroyed in animal shelters, and is run 100% by volunteers.

Other celebs enjoying the sumptuous vegetarian buffet dinner and comedians Bill Burr, Matt Braunger and Laura Kightlinger included Camryn Manheim (Ghost Whisperer), Jason Lewis, and an assortment of other party animals who believe that unconditional love works two ways!

Denise Richards with "Fenton"

Tori Spelling

Priscilla Presley, honored at Bow Wow Wow Fundraiser

Jerry O'Connell


Mary Pickford – The Muse of the Movies

We were honored to attend the L.A. premiere of Nicholas Eliopoulos’ documentary – Mary Pickford – The Muse of the Movies – at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences Theatre.  This event marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of Pickford’s film career, and the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the World Research Foundation.  The purpose of the WRF is to act as a repository for all health information from traditional and non-traditional sources worldwide. Co-Founder, LaVerne Boeckmann was overjoyed that the acclaimed documentary was being show, to help raise awareness and funds for the vital services that WRF provides.

Mary Pickford was known as “America’s Sweetheart” but in reality, she was Hollywood’s first female mogul.  She might have been the damsel in distress in her numerous films, but she was savvy businesswoman, and had complete control over a vast financial empire.  Pickford co-created United Artists Studios (along with Charlie Chaplin), and was the first actress to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1929.   Her marriage to Douglass Fairbanks, the biggest male star in Hollywood, made them the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of their day.  They built the fabulous Pickfair Estate in Beverly Hills, and were renowned for their glittering soirees. The documentary shows the many sides to this fascinating woman, including her many charitable endeavors.  She was a great influence to the successful stars of today.

Michael York, who possesses the most eloquent voice, was perfect as the narrator of the film.  Do you know that he even has been commissioned to record The Book of Psalms, in his rich, distinctive manner?   Besides being an award-winning actor, York also has published several books, and has performed in concerts around the world.  He is married for 41 years to Patricia McCallum, a noted photographer, whose work has been exhibited worldwide.

Enjoyed catching up with Valerie Harper, best known as Rhoda, on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  She is excited about her new role portraying Tallulah Bankhead in the stage drama, Looped.  Bankhead was the original party-girl actress of her time, and made Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears look like Saints!

Academy Award winning actress Shirley Jones at tribute to Mary Pickford

Michael York with his Photographer Wife, Patricia

Co-Founder, World Research Foundation, La Verne Boeckmann, Actress Valerie Harper, Cristina Caccciotti (Harper's daughter)

Great Grandson of Pierre-Auguste Renoir with some of his own paintings – including one of Mary Pickford

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