The Evangenitals rock at Universal CityWalk


Evangenitals is a strange mixture of words– evangelists and genitals (!), however it works for the talented but tough-to-define band. And if you want to enjoy the beautiful music they emit, and get caught up in their sing-a-longs, head to Universal CityWalk on September 1st. That’s where the alt-band is presenting a free concert that is sure to pack the lively gathering place for entertainment.

The Evangenitals’ appeal seems to cover “the spectrum of young and old, pious and pagans,” says Juli Crockett lead singer/songwriter, and former prize fighter. The alternative group itself is a strange mix of contemporary rockers from assorted backgrounds. Former employees of a sex toy company (just like the Sex Pistols), have combined their talents, and now head into their third year of performing.

They have been playing local night clubs in the Los Angeles during that time, selling out performances and making believers of their type of music. No “overnight sensations,” the group has recorded its first independent collection “We Are The Evangenitals,” and has its sophomore CD “Everlovin’” (go to out this summer.

A visual treat, as well as audio, the quartet will be performing live at CityWalk. “Depending what Evangenitals tune you’re listening to, the music could be classified as alt-country, indi-pop, psychedelic rock, acoustic ballad, folk, etc. Our genre-defying songbook seems to have the ability to coax listeners into enjoying types of music that they may otherwise avoid,” Crockett explains.

What makes The Evangenitals unusual is that it features a unique collection of eclectic performers. Juli Crockett, the principal songwriter and lead vocalist, had a professional boxing career until injuries halted that endeavor. Lisa Dee is an operatic soprano (think Kristin Chenoweth) with an extensive background in classical music and experimental jazz. While Brett Lyda is the lead guitarist and also a songwriter. Filling out the foursome is George Bernardo, who has gigged with Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley. And on occasion, Geoff Brandin and Jason Chesney play bass.

The Sept. 1st gig at 8 pm is an opportunity for the audience to witness the same kind of concert that The Evangenitals play to pack houses in the area, such as The Knitting Factory, The Derby, Molly Malone’s, El Cid and BB King’s at CityWalk. And this time it’s free.

It’s the last show for the summer, part of Indie 103.1’s “Check One…Two…Live!” presentations of LA’s top alternative and indie bands. It’s been one hot summer at CityWalk showcasing the groups in an outdoor festival setting with Indie 103.1’s Mr. Shovel and Music Connection Magazine.

Guitarist Lyda says, “That Universal and Indie 103.1 would invite us to CityWalk, which also coincides with the release of ‘Everlovin,’ to me represents the end of a great start, and the beginning of our definitive career.”

As the evangelicals would say “Amen. Rock on!”

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