Dr. Susan Stafford – My Lady of the Week

Dr. Susan Stafford became my first friend when I arrived in L.A. about 35 years ago. At the time she was the original Hostess on “Wheel of Fortune” the first woman to get a microphone on a game show! She left the hit show after a calling to work with Mother Teresa & leprosy patients in India, and cared for her friend Rock Hudson while he was dying from Aids. She has worked with the Emergency Crisis Teams following the massacres in Columbine, and reaches out to those who have been tossed & turned thru life.

Pat Boone, Dr. Susan and Deborah Keener (Photo Credit – Tammy)

On her 25th Birthday at the Coconut Grove hosted by then husband Texan Gordon McLendon & Clint Eastwood — celebs like John Wayne were in attendance. On her 50th, Arthur Crowley, Famed Attorney, a soiree was held at the Crowley Bel Air Estate, & included Milton Berle, Jane Russell, Rhonda Fleming & Buddy Rogers.

Dr. Susan, Pat Van Patten, Rosey Grier and his wife, Cydnee (Photo Credit – Tammy)

And at her 75 natal day, BFF Stevi Goetz hosted a soiree at her CENTURY CITY  abode, such notables as Murray Schwartz (Former President of Merv Griffin Productions), actress Terry Moore (former Mrs. Howard Hughes and Ron Schneider (Rolling Stones Tour Mgr) were among those toasting the still gorgeous Birthday gal.

Suzi Wehba, Dr. Susan, Chris Clark, Murray Schwartz (Photo Credit – Tammy)

You can read Susan’s remarkable book — “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off” to learn about a life well led. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Susan encourages us to have a beautiful journey as we continue life here on earth. Remember this is not a dress rehearsal, and there is no rewind button. Knowing this remarkable lady has made my life more complete. She certainly deserves the title of “Lady of the Week” doesn’t she?

Stevi Goetz and Dr. Susan (Photo Credit – Tammy)

Susan Stafford Book Cover

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