Concern Foundation’s 44th Annual Block Party and Boys & Girls Club Select Youth of the Year

The enormous backlot of Paramount Studios was the perfect venue to accommodate 4,000 attendees at Concerns’ annual Block Party. They were celebrating their 50th Year, & announced they have raised over $63 Million Dollars for cancer research. The theme was “Super Heroes” and seen dashing around the street scene were actors portraying Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, and, of course our favorite Super Hero, Batman!

Anthony Anderson (Club Alumnus & Actor), Pacific Youth of the Year, Jeniya Mc Cullar & Elissa Margolis (Walt Disney Company) (Photo credit: Vince Bucci)

The event featured 70 restaurants, caterers & beverage vendors, spa services, and digital photo experience. As President Derek Alpert stated:  “The real Super Heroes were the participants who raised such a tremendous sum to defeat this dread disease. A popular exhibit was the Barris Batmobile 66, featuring a Batman  Model & Batgirl. The family of the late George Barris, sponsored this exhibit, whose creations were featured in such films as The Patsy, Bladerunner, Chips & Knight  Rider. For you Vintage Auto Buffs — we have an announcement of interest.

Marci with the late George Barris & the original Batmobile (Photo credit: Ed Lozzi)

Collectors are invited to the Barris Kustom Garage Sale on Aug 17-19th in North Hollywood to purchase such items as Batman toys, hundreds of scripts, posters signed photos & other archives which will be offered to fans & collectors around the world. For press inquiries — please call Lozzi Media Services at 310-922-1200.

Street Scene at Concern Foundation (Photo credit: Ed Solorazano)

Street Scene at Concern Foundation (Photo credit: Ed Solorazano)Jeniya McCullar of Greater Salt Lake, was named 2018 Pacific Youth of the Year at the Boys & Girls Club of America gala at the Beverly Hilton. Actor Anthony Anderson (ABC’s “Blackish”) emceed the event which featured a special performance by Allyah Moulden (“The Voice”). Anderson was a member of the Boys & Girl’s Club in Watts, and related his own experiences. This organization emphasizes academic success, good character, and healthy lifestyles. The handsome actor credited his success to his participation in their various programs. Did you know that 54% of the alumni said the Club had saved their lives? For further info on The Boys & Girls Club of America — check out Facebook & Twitter.  A most worthy organization indeed!

Benefactors at the Concern Foundation (photo Ed Solarzano) (Photo credit: Ed Solorazano)

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