The Man Who Unlocked the Universe & American Spirit Awards

We were invited to attend the premiere of the documentary — “The Man Who Unlocked the Universe” at the luxurious London Hotel. This grade-A film tells the tale of Astronomer, Ulugh Beg (1394-1449) one of the world’s greatest astronomical minds, who turned medieval Samakand (now Uzbek), into one of the great centers of learning & science. We were particularly interested in this event, as our esteemed friend, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin was the featured guest.

Buzz Aldrin, Producer, Lola Tillyaeva, Actor Armand Assante (photo by Don Camp)

Buzz, seen here with famed award winning actor Armand Assante (who portrayed Beg in the film) just returned from Washington, D.C. from his highly publicized meeting at the White House for the announcement of the new Space Force;  and answered questions about the future of our Space programs. It is Buzz’s quest for the US to reach & colonize Mars!

Tanya Hart, Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson & Robert Papazian – (photo by Steve Cohn)

We were pleased to meet his charming international business partner, Lisa La Bonte who was the CEO of the Space Education Co. She & Edward Lozzi, Aldrin’s PR Pro are very excited about celebrating with NASA, Buzz’s 50th Anniversary of  Walking on the Moon. So — it may have been Beg who has unlocked the Universe in the 14th Century — but our Man, Dr. Buzz Aldrin may get us to Mars in the near future.

The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors held their 12th Annual American Spirit Awards honoring outstanding individuals who support, protect & promote the interests of storytellers. These honorees work & commitment exemplify American Spirit including War Veterans, Educators and Humanitarians. Co-chairs Robert Papazian and Tanya Hart & Chair Vin Di Bona, plus our pal, Chuck Fries, recognized this year’s honorees including: Leron Gubler (President of the Hollywood  Chamber of Commerce), actor Richard Colla, and New Filmmaker Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson.

Current members of the Caucus include JJ Abrams, Tom Hanks, Dennis Doty and a score of other leading producers, writers & directors. For further info please  contact Allison Jackson at 310-550-7719.

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