Sunday in the Park – Mabel Tiger Trainer – Brit Week at the Wallis

The Beverly Hills Theatre Guild celebrated their 40th Anniversary at the Four Seasons Hotel. Honoree was actress/singer Constance Towers, star of Broadway, film and Television. Who can forget her appearing opposite Yul Brenner in The King & I, or her films including Karate Kid & A Perfect Murder. She recently lost her handsome husband, John Gavin, who went from being a matinee idol – to US Ambassador to Mexico. The attractive couple worked closely to provide care for hundreds of children gravely affected by the earthquake in 1985.

Michael & Patricia York (Photo credit: Brit Week)

Also honored for Outstanding Service to the Community was real-estate legend, Michael J. Libow, whose support of the BH school system and other city services is well known & appreciated, Did you know he is a strong animal activist & was instrumental in approving the city’s first designed dog park!

Constance Towers receiving Award from Carolyn Fries & Janet Salter (Photo credit: Amir)

Our good friends Century City residents Ruth Flinkman Marandy & Mary Levin Cutler are on the Board, headed by President Carolyn Fried & Janet Salter. These dedicated west-side people are to be lauded for their commitment & their work in enriching the theatrical experiences of our Westside community.

Sandra Caradine & Leslie Zemeckis at Mabel Tiger Trainer Premiere (Photo credit: Michael Lyman)

In Honor of International Women’s Day, winning documentary producer Leslie Zemeckis & Cinema Libre Studio presented a special screening of Mabel, Mabel Tiger Trainer — the death defying tale of the world’s first female tiger trainer! Leslie Zemeckis is driven to exploration of influential but lesser known women of history — including Behind the Burly Q — a Showtime documentary about women from the golden age of burlesque, & Bound by Flesh, sharing the tale of Siamese twins Daisy & Violet Hilton.

Century City Humanitarians Ruth Flinkman & Husband, Ben Marandy (Photo credit: Amir)

Some of the celebrated guests at the premiere included Kelsey Grammer, Paul Sorvino & Sofia  Milos to name a few. Hope you have the opportunity to see this flick about the sexy, blonde dancer, who clawed her way up the circus hierarchy to become one of the most highly regarded tiger trainers in the world. And you thought Hillary fought a tough battle!


And finally yet importantly, you are invited to an exciting “Shakespeare Jubilee”, at the Wallis Theatre on on April 28 at 730 PM. The cast of British & Hollywood Actors who will be in attendance include Harry Hamlin, Eric Braeden, Isabella Hofmann, Joely Fisher & Nigel Lythgoe to name a few. Last year, we enjoyed seeing Michael York receive a standing ovation for his performance in Richard III. Do not miss this Shakespearean fantasy in our own Westside arena. Who needs Strafford on Avon?

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