RNSH Oscar Viewing Party & Gypsy Awards

We have never had so much fun at an Oscar Party than when we were privileged to attend Roger Neal’s Oscar Viewing Party & Black Tie Gala at the Hollywood Museum. At our well-situated table, we were seated with Ed Asner, (best known as Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore Show) Marion Ross (Happy Days) & other celebs who entertained us with their antics. Asner, who is well known as a political activist, shared that he intends to run for President in the next election, and he & Marion Ross teased each other the entire evening, along with Marion’s comedian/ actor son, Jim Meskimen.


Burt Ward, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Meriwether & Roger Neal at Academy Award Party (Photo credit: William Kidston)

A special segment of the evening included the ICON awards, which were presented to Renee Taylor (The Nanny) Batman’s buddy Burt Ward, The Pointer Sisters & Karen Kramer (Mrs. Stanly Kramer) who received her award from Oscar winner Lou Gossett, Jr. Among the other presenters were the Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, Fran Dresher, and Oscar nominee songwriter, Carol Connors. Kudos to Danelle Dadigan (Hollywood Museum Founder), Underwriter, Susan Hughes, and, of course my pal, PR Pro Edward Lozzi, who handled the hordes of press people with his usual aplomb & style.


Ed Asner with daughter, Liza (Photo credit: William Kidston)

Another event that you won’t want to miss is the upcoming Gypsy Awards on April 15th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Academy Award and Golden Globe winning performer, George Chakiris and acclaimed dancer, Barrie Chase are the honorees for the Professional Dancers Society. Also honored is award winning choreographer Toni Basilwho has worked with such legends as Bob Fosse and Hermes Pan, and performed with the greatest dancer of them all, Fred Astaire, in Silk Stockings.


Renee Taylor received ICON Award (Photo credit: William Kidston)

This is the PDS 31st Anniversary luncheon, and we have attended them all! President Mitzi Gaynor (who kicked up her heels in numerous flicks) and Board Chairman, Joni Berry, are to be congratulated on presenting the best show in town, which not only provides an afternoon of terrific Terpsichore, but also supports the Actors Fund of America. For further info, please call 310-278-5222. Hope to see you there!

Oscar Winner George Chakiris to be honored at Gypsy Awards (Photo credit: Richard Hoffman)

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