Oscar Party News – Movie Guide Awards – Up All Night with Rhonda Shear

This year, I am excited to attend the 3rd Annual Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Viewing Black Tie Dinner at the Hollywood Museum. Over 80 Motion Picture & TV stars are expected to attend, including Jon Voight, Lou Ferrigno, Paul Sorvino & Diane Ladd to name a few. Icon Awards will be presented to Marion Ross (Happy days), The Pointer Sisters and Batman’s favorite partner, Burt Ward. Fran Drescher will also present an Award to Renee Taylor, her Mom in The Nanny.

Melanie Griffith & Tippi Hedren at RNSH 2017 (Photo credit: William Kidston)

As part of the festivities, Roger Neal’s Gift Suite will be held earlier for the stars attending the event & they will be gifted with couture and favorite brands worth over $20K. Several charities will benefit from the Oscar Viewing dinner, including The Thalians (Emmy Winner Kira Lorsch is President) and Life & Hope Relief.org. A few tickets are still available to the public for $1,000 in advance. For further info please contact 323-366-2796. Hope to see you there.

Bo Derek & John Corbett at Movieguide Awards (Photo credit: Faye Sadov)

A recent event was held at the Universal Hilton where winners received Movieguides  28th Annual Faith & Values Awards. The winner of the $25,000 Ware Foundation Prize for Best Movie for Families was The Boss Baby (DreamWorks/20th Century Fox). The winner for Best Movie for Mature Audiences was the Darkest Hour (Focus Features/Comcast). Other inspiring movies included The Star, The Long road Home, and The Promise.

Wink & Sandy Martindale at Movieguide Awards (Photo credit: Faye Sadov)

Handsome John Corbett, the winner of the Christie Peters award, arrived with his gorgeous gal pal of many years, Bo Derek — who is still a #10 in our book. Others in attendance at this star-studded event included Lou Diamond Phillips & his wife, Yvonne Phillips, and the always gracious couple, Game Show Legend, Wink & Sandy Martindale who have more faith & talent than anyone I know.

Rhonda Shear with Marci (Photo credit: Van Fagan)

To top off this busy weekend, we were pleased to attend the book signing for our pal, Rhonda Shear at Barnes & Noble in our own Century City.  Glamour Girl Rhonda, who hosted her own late night movie show on USA network (where I appeared many times,) came out with a tome entitled “Up All Night” From Hollywood Bombshell to Lingerie Mogul. Yes, this former Miss Louisiana and award-winning comedian, now is the builder of a $100 million apparel brand! I attended Rhonda & Van Fagan’s wedding 17 years ago in New Orleans, and it was a real treat to see this highly motivated and philanthropic couple, who now reside in St. Petersburg, Florida & wish them much success with the new book.


Roger Neal & Edward Lozzi – Planning Oscar Viewing Party (Photo credit: William Kidston)


Up All Night Book Cover (Photo credit: Van Fagan)

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