Disaster Artist Moves Ahead – Hong Bo – Art vs. Environment – An Ordinary Couple

The Room, the cult classic produced, directed & starring Tommy Wiseau was a total disaster. At the premiere, people ran out of the theater, and reviewers like moi were completely puzzled why this film was even made. However, with the assistance of Wiseau’s PR Pro, Edward Lozzi, the film was marketed from a drama to dark comedy, and celeb comics like Judd Apatow & Jonah Hill,( best friends of actor James Franco & Seth Rogan) convinced them to see it — and the miracle happened. The film, The Disaster Artist, based upon the book written by Greg Sestero, about the making of The Room starring James Franco, is a major success! After winning a Golden Globe for his performance, could an Oscar be far behind?

Host & MC Joey Zhou with partner Marina Kufa (Photo Credit: Joey Chung – Zhou Zheng Show)

Chinese artist Hong Bo recently had an exhibit of his paintings & furniture design at the California Design Center which brought out distinguished art professors, contemporary artists, writers & reporters to discuss the theme how paintings & furniture design work together to make our living environment more comfortable. Hong Bo has been exploring California landscape for several years, and his interpretation of “California Sunshine” combines the western color concept with oriental ink painting techniques to create a new look.

Chinese Artist – Hong Bo (Photo Credit: Joey Chung – Zhou Zheng Show)

Kudos to The Zhou  Zheng TV Show (where I was recently a guest) and the Sandra Costa Design Group for including us in this most unusual exhibit which will enhance our environment and quality of life. You can catch Hong Bo’s California Landscape Works Exhibit at the Art Station in LA on Feb.10th. Hope to see you there.

Bernardo Puccio & Orin Kennedy – An Ordinary Couple (Photo Credit: Bernardo Puccio & Orin Kennedy)

Another event you must not miss is the premiere if “An Ordinary Couple” — telling the unique story of Bernardo Puccio & Orin Kennedy who recently celebrated their 42nd year as partners; and 10 years as a legally married couple. This award-winning documentary by jay Gianukos and Susan Barnes will be presented at the All Saints Church in Beverly Hills on Feb. 3rd at 6;30 pm; with a live performance by the Gay Men’s Chorus of LA. Tickets are $35 for general admission & $75 for admission to a cocktail party, following the premiere. Their story speaks volumes to the basic human need to be recognized, loved and respected. For further info, please visit www.allsaintsbh.org/calendar/premiere.

Designer Sandra Costa & Director Harrison Engle (Photo Credit: Edward Lozzi)


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