SHARE Celebrates Old Blue Eyes & Triumph for Teens Awards

SHARE is a non-profit philanthropic group composed of women who are dedicated to raising funds for disabled and abused children, as well as medical research for all forms of developmental disabilities. An astounding roster of A-list entertainers have participated in the Boomtown event over the years, including Dean Martin, Johnny Carson, and, of course, the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra.

This year, they celebrated the 100th Anniversary of  Old Blue Eyes, and his look-a-like son, Frank, Jr. was their special guest.  When he warbled a few of Frank’s greatest hits, we closed our eyes, and pictured his Dad — once again reveling in the spotlight!   Actor/Comedian John Byner served as a hilarious Master of Ceremonies for the standing room only event at Santa Monica’s new venue, the Broad Stage.   John’s delightful wife, Annie Gaybis Byner (who is a SHARE member) was featured in a glorious medley of music from Guys & Dolls.

Matthew Perry & Lisa Kudrow (Friends) at Triumph for Teens

Matthew Perry & Lisa Kudrow (Friends) at Triumph for Teens

Some of the other dancing dolls included  Debra Couch, Dolores Nemiro, Esther Rosenfeld, and gorgeous Gina Bay, who can be seen in the Apple online ad, The History of Sound.  We were pleased to be seated with our friend, September Sarno, who was recently elected to Chairman of the Board.  With gals like these, we can bet the $60 million dollars raised over the past 62 years, will be even greater.

Kudos to such SHARE supporters as Joni Berry, Gloria Franks, Samantha Faulkner, (who was named Member of the Year) & all the lovely ladies who contribute their time, energy, talent & fund raising efforts to support this fine organization.

Don Felder performing at Phoenix House Event

Don Felder performing at Phoenix House Event

The Montage Hotel in B.H. was the  perfect venue when actor/humanitarian Matthew Perry &former L.A. Mayor the Hon. Antonio Villaraigosa were honored by Phoenix House, at the 12th Annual Triumph for Teens Awards Gala. This sold out event celebrated the victories of young people overcoming their addiction & recognizes contributions  which have positively influenced the health& welfare of our communities — especially at-risk youth.

Violin prodigy, Lee England Jr. opened the show with his rendition of David Bowe’s Hero; and Don Felder, former guitarist for The Eagles, performed some of his memorable melodies.  As weather/reporter Kaj Goldberg, Host of the event stated: “Like the mythological bird Phoenix, who had the strength to rise from the ashes & live again, Phoenix House, for 35 years has given new life to thousands of young people, who fought their way back from the grip of addiction.

Actor/Comedian John Byner with September Sarno at SHARE

Actor/Comedian John Byner with September Sarno at SHARE

Keep July 11th open for an Evening in Paradise.  Concern Foundation is throwing their 41st Annual Block Party at Paramount Studios, honoring 750 Cancer Survivors.

Over 4,000 guests will be strolling, snacking & sipping fine wine & specialty cocktails, and Jill Whelan (Love Boat) will act as Hostess for live entertainment, including Oskar Caraya & The Enclave.  Some of the fab food vendors include Pink’s Hotdogs, Steak by Michael Mina & Prufrock Pizzeria.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Actress Annie Gaybis Byner with Frank Sinatra Jr. at SHARE (above photo credits:  Maxine Piccard & Vince Bucci)

Actress Annie Gaybis Byner with Frank Sinatra Jr. at SHARE (above photo credits: Maxine Piccard & Vince Bucci)

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