Wanting more when you have Far-Less



No one likes to be pigeon-holed. Being a band on the road is hard enough as it is, without people labelling you, or calling you the next one-trick pony. For the lads (and lass) in Far-Less, dealing with this is a daily routine. Being the low-band on the totem pole means low pay, few perks, and a whole lotta work. Most people start bands for all the wrong reasons: money, fame, and women (or dudes if your band swings that way). This is why we are unfortunately inundated with bands that have tight pants, well groomed hair, and absolutely nothing original or intelligent to say. But then you have the bands that maneuver their way through the crowd, treking on hoping that people will eventually get over the bullshit that has engulfed the "scene". Far-Less can't tout the "million seller" flag, or boast that they just got off the most recent Atreyu world tour. They have shared stage with some of the biggest bands of the day, toured more parts of the world than Wilt Chamberlain has laid his seed in, and they have just released their best album to date.

The band recently finished up a tour with Southern Rock demi-gods He Is Legend, and newcomers (comprised of veterans) Telescreen. That meant another two weeks of starving yourself, sharing a van with stinky, stinky people, and driving all over the country for barely enough money to cover gas and an oil change. But that's what it takes, building bridges, meeting people, and hoping that you can make an impact on at least person. It makes every moment worth it when someone tells you that you helped them through a difficult time, or made them realize that they aren't the only ones feeling a certain way…or that you're the best damn guitar player / singer / keyboard player in the whole damn world. Far-Less made that impact nightly, and proved to their touring buddies that they were a valued addition to the already strong-billed tour.

But for all that the band has accomplished, they are still not content. They shouldn't be. The recording industry has become a joke, and bands like Far-Less are destined to become akin to the same fate that tourmates, Telescene, frontman Jared Draughon suffered when Classic Case disbanded. Great bands are dropping left and right, while good-looking, non-talented bands thrive. But that's Dick Cheney's America. In the meantime, the Far-Less continue to tour and hope that people will come back around and pay attention to the musical genius, rather than buying another Paramore album because she's that much closer to being "of age".

Mark Johnston, a native Californian, has travelled the world with various circuses, sideshows, and arena rock tours. As a musical monkey he has delighted fans the world over. Upon his return, he has since founded the Atomsmashers Publishing Company, written 2 books in the company's Warm Horchata series, created a weekly comic strip based around LA's more "colorful" characters, written reviews, articles, and rantings under various pseudonyms; this has since culminated in Johnston being named Captain Fabulous by the Superhero Association of America.