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From opening song "Sensuous beautiful mixture of acoustic guitar and electronic sounds, the listener is instantly reminded of (or introduced to) the genius of Keigo Oyamada.  The cut-and-paste technique that he uses creates a unique soundscape that is one part Kraftwerk, one part Beck, and a little bit of Jamiroquai.  It is hard to really lump this music into the "electronic" category.  It's like the "found art", or driftwood sculpture but Oyamada uses samplers and processors to take existing sounds and re-arrange them and then take them where they were never intended to go.  It is truly a treat for the listener to go on the adventure and see where it goes.  Best to listen to it on headphones to really experience the spatial brilliance and get a better understand of the work that went into making this (especially on songs like "Gum" and "Sleep").


Entertainment Today Sep’07 CD REview Series


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