Myths of the Near Future

Entertainment Today Sep CD Review Series


This CD may be a year old, but if you haven't purchased or heard this CD you need to take note.  A brilliant CD that not just redefines a genre, but creates its own!  Spacey pop, reminiscent of where the surf rock scene went once the drugs kicked in, mixed with some pretty delicious lyrics that don't really make too much sense, but don't need to. Songs like "Golden Skans", with its group falsetto, and "Four Horsemen of 2012", with its sporadic drumming and noisy guitar work, make this band undefinable and hard to lump into a category…and this works perfectly well for these Brits.  "Myths of the Near Future" is a wonderful psychedelic trip that even our generation (who pretend to know what one was because they read "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test") can get into, without the long term effects.


Entertainment Today Sep’07 CD REview Series


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