Bam Margera Presents: Viva La Bands (Volume 2)

(Filthy Note / Ferret)

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Um…So Bam puts something out, thousands of kids buy it cause his picture is on it (or that heartagram thing), listen to it and then pretend that they've known these bands for a long time and that CKY wasn't the first time they heard HIM, or pretending Viva La Bam wasn't the first time they heard Turbonegro.  Well Bam put out a second volume of bands that the kids can claim as their own before MTV gets a hold of them.  The good thing about Bam's celebrity status is that he's bringing a long list of bands to the masses that couldn't get a chance before now thanks to the watering down of MTV and the removal of Headbanger's Ball (yes, I know it's still on MTV but who gives a shit). Bands like Clutch, Priestess, Dimmu Borgir, and The Thieves get their music to the masses wherein they used to just be riding off the hopes that a more mainstream band would be wearing their T-shirt in a video or interview.  Unfortunately, that also means we're subjugated to bands like 69 Eyes, Vains of Jenna, and Kill Hannah…who should remain under the radar for a very good reason: They Suck Lamb nuts.  So, another compilation comes out, Bam gets street cred, the kids get some new music (some good, some crappy), and Carl gets more money off someone else’s idea.


Entertainment Today Sep’07 CD REview Series


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