Five Finger Death Punch
The Way of the Fist

(Firm Music)

Entertainment Today Sep CD Review Series


A Nu-Metal band was getting tired of no one listening to them, and they couldn't figure out why no one was coming to their shows.  What could they do to increase their fan base?  They thought and thought, and decided to go out to the local Coconuts music store and see what the popular bands of the day were. They saw a magazine cover that said "Hardcore is in!", so they bought the new Hatebreed album, changed their music around a little bit, and WHAMO! Five Finger Death Punch reinvents their sound and gets a tour with Korn! Yay!  They still seem a little confused about which way they're going, and they LOVE the double bass, but they're working on it.  "Can't Heal You" starts off with the signature "Ooops, is that 'Symphony of Destruction'?" riff, and "Death Before Dishonor" sounds like they heard the band with that namesake and wrote a song about it, but you do have to admit… it's really hard getting into a genre you know very little about, so we have to applaud them for trying.


Entertainment Today Sep’07 CD REview Series


Mark Johnston, a native Californian, has travelled the world with various circuses, sideshows, and arena rock tours. As a musical monkey he has delighted fans the world over. Upon his return, he has since founded the Atomsmashers Publishing Company, written 2 books in the company's Warm Horchata series, created a weekly comic strip based around LA's more "colorful" characters, written reviews, articles, and rantings under various pseudonyms; this has since culminated in Johnston being named Captain Fabulous by the Superhero Association of America.