Allee Willis creates a party/songfest with “Badeya, Baby”

You may not know the name Allee Willis, but it’s a good bet that you get your groove on to her songs. Willis has created some of the most iconic music ever sung by Earth Wind and Fire, Patti LaBelle, The Pointer Sisters, Pet Shop Boys, James Brown, Bonnie Raitt, Aretha Franklin, and many more.

The Allee Willis songfest show, photo by Margie Barron

With so much to be proud of, Willis created a show to celebrate her music and her colorful life. It’s call “Badeya, Baby,” and it’s more of a big party than a theatrical production, which delighted the audience enjoying her showcase at the NoHo PAC in North Hollywood, California. She had more than two dozen people helping her entertain. Musicians, singers, dancers, and special guests were all part of her show that highlighted her greatest hits and ended with a dance party.

Allee handed out “Seasick in September” barf bags, incase anyone “lost it” during the show. It was all in good humor, and she had a lot of other gimmicks that were unexpectedly fun. She distributed Bingo cards for a game of “Kitsch Bingo,” and winners were given foot rubs (really).

But with all of that, Willis’ music was at the heart of the show. The Detroit-born and raised gal took her audience down memory lane and told the stories behind her musical creations and collaborations. The Grammy, Tony and Emmy award-winner and nominee also talked about her very interesting hobby/obsession. She has assembled the largest collection of Kitsch memorabilia, which she proudly celebrates on her own Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch website Check it out, and look out for Allee Willis’ “Badeya, Baby” show. It’s a party you won’t want to miss.


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