Johnny Rockets, Review of the Nostalgic Restaurant

Johnny Rockets, Review of the Nostalgic Restaurant

It’s Like Going Home, Only Better at Johnny Rockets


Johnny Rockets is not just another eating establishment where you can wrap your chops around a good burger. It’s a pleasant trip back in time, to the days when family, friends and sweethearts got together at the local soda shop.

It’s a place that serves up memories along side your order, according to the restaurant company’s CEO John Fuller, who just appeared on the CBS reality show Undercover Boss.

Fuller was happy to show viewers how clumsy he was taking on different duties at several Johnny Rockets, as long as he could let the world know how much fun the atmosphere is at the retro diners.

It has a “Happy Days” feel to it, with the ’50s décor. There are jukeboxes at the tables and counter. And a song will only cost you a nickel. The booths and counter are served by friendly waiters and waitresses who look like they just stepped out of a vintage Coca Cola ad. And you almost expect Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham to be working the soda fountain.

The vintage look is not just a gimmick, because for the dozens of times I have enjoyed Johnny Rockets at various locations, mostly in the Los Angeles area (although there are franchises across the U.S.), I have gotten good old fashion service. The operative word there is “service.” They are quick, but it is not a fast food customer conveyer belt, fortunately. You can take your time to enjoy a juicy hamburger and the excellent French fries.

It’s a busy place, and sometimes there’s a line to get in. That’s okay, it always moves fast, and the food and atmosphere are worth the wait.

Regarding the food– if you sit at the counter you can see the orders being prepared fresh in shining kitchen area. The menu has everybody’s favorites: Hamburgers, hot dogs, sliders, Philly cheesesteaks, BLTs, tuna, grilled chicken, chili, onion rings, salads, and other tasty treats.

For vegetarian customers, they offer a 100% soy Boca burger that is truly delicious, especially when smothered in juicy grilled onions. The fountain drinks really do harken back to the “Happy Days,” when folks could really enjoy root beer floats, malts or the best milkshakes I’ve tasted this millennium.

The prices for the quality ingredients and portions are very reasonable. There’s a Kids Menu too, because it’s a popular place for families.

It was nice to see Johnny Rockets in the spotlight on Undercover Boss, and show everyone it’s not just a restaurant. It’s like a “going home” experience, being around the smells and tastes of my youth, only better.

Margie Barron has written for a wide variety of outlets including Gannett newspapers, Nickelodeon, Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine, Fresh!, Senior Life, Production Update, airline magazines, etc. Margie is also proud to have been half of the husband & wife writing team Frank & Margie Barron, who had written together for various entertainment and travel publications for more than 38 years.